DK Jediknights 193 M GP guild, join us with a roaster of only 2.5 Mill Gp or over

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47 members and are now looking for 3

we are Two guilds = one family.

LOOK AT Min GP, we dont ask for much, grow your roaster with us.

join our discord server and talk to us:
Fully heroic.

Members from EU, USA and Canada. We speak english in chat.

Dedicated mixed group of newer and veterans in swgoh. Friendly, helpful and active members.


2.5 mill minimum GP. (Can maybe accept lower with strong/focused roaster.)

Active in TB. (Doing Geo Tb)

Free to join TW, 97-100 % normally joining everytime. We are only demanding, if you join, you also help with defense and attack.

Free to do damage in current raids in the game, but we recommend always to minimum join, so everyone get rewards.

HPIT/HAAT on sim.
HSTR on auto start 18:00 UTC.

If this is something for you and can meet the requirements, feel free to join ingame or get in touch on discord.

Ingame search “Jediknights” and the guild should show up.
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