Can I beat C3PO event

I’m struggling guys, I’m wondering if I can beat the 3PO event with these characters. Currently the top 3 are gear 11 with the others almost at gear 10 (will be shortly). Once they’re all 7 star gear 11/10 can I beat this **** challenge? Do I need the Zeta on chief? Do I need to get rid of teebo and grind wicket (god pls no).
Let me know


  • I did it with Wicket instead of Teebo. Zeta on Chirpa. Gear levels were 11, 10, 9, 10, 10 in the order in the pic (fourth slot is Wicket obvi).

    Took me around 6 hours. I highly recommend a lil higher gear.
  • @khelzac i have updated so much, let me know what you think now. I have tried it but honestly seems impossible
  • khelzac
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    What's your mods like? I had everyone at 220 or above speed. Remember Paploo gains +25% speed when he isn't taunting. And I really recommend getting Wicket. He was my main damage dealer (G10) and his targeted stealth is pretty critical to keeping Elder alive.
  • I have mods to keep them above 200 speed. I honestly don’t think it’s possible to do without either logray or wicket. All my ewoks are now gear 11 and it is till just as hard.
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