Knights of Exar recruitment (281 mill); 31* DSGTB, 20* LSGTB 128th TW best rank, CPIT complete!

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CRancor complete! Looking for 5 mill+ competitive players with Rey or SLKR and CPIT teams!

Knights of Exar 281 mill gp. About us:

- 31* DSGTB and 20* LSGTB with 40+ WAT shards and 10+ KAM shards
- 45* & 48* in Hoth
-75% TW wins, rank 128! Love TW!
- members love to joke and have fun. We are a bunch of chilled people.
- focused and progressive guild in an alliance with other great guilds.
- have fun playing competitively
- UK/EU and US players
- Merc raids for more rewards
- 62 GLs
- our members are like family here. New recruits all love their experience with us

Raid times:
- HAAT & HPIT (simmed) 4PM (UTC)
- CPIT complete! Weekends 4/5pm UTC

- CPIT ready teams including a GL
- 600 tickets daily
- Discord
- 100% participation in TB and in TW if you sign up you must participate in attack and defence.
- dedicated players with focused rosters, excellent communication and love to joke and chat!

Check us out! Join our recruitment server:
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