JKR without GMY and GK?


I will have JKR by the beginning of the next week. What are my options without GMY and GK (my main team is a Padmé-Squad (5th GMY))?

I don’t have HYoda. I was thinking about Old Ben, Barris or Ezra, but I don’t think they’ll make a good squad out of it.

I can put GMY in my JKR and replace him with 3PO in my main. But then I am still missing a good tank and I can’t take GK. As another result my CLS will also lose a very important toon.


Any ideas?

Thanks for the help!


  • Well you lose out a bit in trying top meta stuff without those two but Ezra is a reasonable substitute.

    Old Ben is OK but if you have him I might try Plo Koon and run without a tank. Plo Koon's TM gain is nice. The rest of the kit is pretty blah but a TM boost to get you in control can get the job done at times.

    I find I'm more inclined to sub out R2 from my CLS team if I want to boost either my JTR or Padme teams then C3. Although C3 is very nice with Padme.
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    For my opinion, GMY is best in JKR team, alongside Bastila and Jolee.

    Padme will benefit a great deal with C3PO, but it's not the only option. Barrise or CW Chewi could function well in that GR team.

    I've seen some who use old Ben in JKR team, but it's not the best option (unless he's g12+ or relic) and you'll take that dude from CLS team. Ezra can do nicely(I used him for some time in my JKR squad) in that team if you don't care taking him from Phoenix.

    Personally I use now Juhani as my 5th member, she's g11 and got her zeta. It's not the best option, but since I didn't want to lose old Ben as part of my CLS or Ezra as member of my Phoenix (and like you I don't want to take GK away from Padme and don't have a good Hoda) she's an acceptable alternative. Plus gearing her up will help you whan you'll chase DR
  • Hey,
    thanks for the advice. My Old Ben is g12 (+3) and my Ezra g11.
    How about JKR-Jolee-****-GMY-Old Ben?
    I think this would also make a good defense.
    C3PO in my Padmé and Leia in my CLS. I have Plo, but I am not that satisfied with his kit (even though I have to gear him for my GR fleet).
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    If you'll ad your g12(+3) to your JKR, Bastila, Jolee and GMY- You'll have a solid tank who can absorb damage pretty good (don't make your Old Ben too slow or he'll be irrelevant).
    A g11 Ezra will add to your assist possibilities (it's important in JKR team), can cancel enemy buffs and will emplify your attack.

    They are both good options, if you don't mind taking them from the Phoenix/CLS teams.

    With the gear level you mention there is no too strong advantage (contributione wize) to either. Personally I would go with Ezra but only because he'll ofer me a little more options than Old Ben, but again, with the gear level you mentioned, there is little advantage to either side (in regard to their effectiveness in that team).

    It's all depend on what type of team you want your JKR squad to be- an all attack one or with some defense (and less offense in comparison to the first squad)
  • GMY is way better with jkr than with padme. I think the best 5th (except GK) is Hoda, but since you don't have him I should use old ben or ezra.
  • JKR revolves around calling a powerful damage dealer to assist over and over again.

    Jedi are still very light on good damage dealers, and two of them are Galactic Republic. Without GMY and Anakin (who is hard locked to Padme), your only viable damage dealing option is Ezra. And even that is barely.

    You can leave GMY in your Padme lineup for arena, but for GAC and TW, he should go with JKR. The core power trio is JKR, Jolee, and GMY. The team does not work well otherwise.

    Ezra and Hoda slot into the open spot left by GK just fine; JKR teams don't really need a tank, especially if used on offense. Which is generally their better use these days. If you're placing JKR on defense anyways, Ben is... not good, but okay. As is Juhani.
    Still not a he.
  • Thanks for your replys!
    I think that I now know which toons to use (for offense and defense).
    You have helped me a lot!
  • GMY should be with JKR/Bastila/Jolee, the buffs there to be passed around is awesome Damage.

    Gen.Kenobi is best w/ Padme.

    For a tank w/ JKR, I find Old Ben or Juhani work.
    Though really, that group has so many buffs on them that they don't take as much damage & hit so hard that things tend to die fast.

    Options for #5 Padme == C3PO, Barris, Chewie, Qui-Gon even might work, or a spare Clone.
  • Can someone tell me when the next JKR event will be? I am new to the game but I have all the required 7 star toons. I just cant access the event yet.
  • junoat wrote: »
    Can someone tell me when the next JKR event will be? I am new to the game but I have all the required 7 star toons. I just cant access the event yet.

    They added JKR to the journey guide a long time ago, so it's permanently available. As soon as you are ready, just go there and attempt it.
  • junoat wrote: »
    Can someone tell me when the next JKR event will be? I am new to the game but I have all the required 7 star toons. I just cant access the event yet.

    JKR is always available now. You just need to meet the requirements.
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    So what am I not meeting? I have all the required characters but still can't access it.

  • Do I have to be Level 85?
  • Now that is a bummer... I am already at 77, I don't want to spend $100 just to get to 85 at this point. I guess i'll grind it out.
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