Higher required energy missions=better drop rate?

I was wondering if anyone knew this to be true or not because otherwise I see little point in doing the higher missions where materials are available in lower energy missions


  • Hard to say, have tried to test it myself regarding shards and mats but I don't have the feeling it matters that much. Sometimes when playing hard x3 I get 1 shard i.e. If I do 3 normal missions I might have the same result.
    You should do some extended testing with making a table of chances which I'm sure people will eventually do to try and figure out best chances. Think it's too early to conclude yet but that's my 2 cents.
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  • From what I seen, seems to make no difference with gear stuff from the light sided and dark sided missions...

    The cantina is a different story, I seem to have better luck with mat drops at higher missions than the low ones... However like I said it seems to be better.
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  • Drop Rates are the Same. But the rarerer the item the harder it gets. Sometimes i Need 120 Energy for 3-4 purple gear and u Need 20 purple to Make 1 item. And u Often Need 2-3 of those items for 1 Upgrade Slot
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