Ewoks for C-3po

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After searching, I have come across many different responses to the minimum requirement for 7* unlock. What is the order of importance in gearing the Ewoks? For example, get Elder to level X but don’t worry about getting Chirpa passed X. I figure I can slowly gear them up until I get the 7*.


  • My lowest geared ewok was Logray at IX - to a certain extent the others were less important (they were all either xi or xii but useless without Logray) - I didn’t have paploo so the team was Chirpa L Teebo Elder Wicket & Logray
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    One of the reasons there is so many different responses is that mods and tactics matter a great deal. Really great mods are worth at least 1 gear level, more likely 2.

    Another reason is that since there are 7 ewoks there are a variety of teams used. Some work better then others.

    Another is which zetas are in play.

    As for gear priority that depends a bit on which ewoks you use. Elder is very important and was my highest geared ewok (12) when I did it. But had I been gearing ewoks specifically for that event with my mix (zChipa, zWicket, Elder, Scout, Paploo) I would have preferred to have Paploo as the highest gear as his tanking ability was very important.

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    I figure I can slowly gear them up until I get the 7*.

    That is what I'm doing.

    As I come across a gear piece that isn't in demand on a more important character I'll give it to my bears.

    This is where I'm at now & I was FINALLY able to beat the 6* portion of the event with this.

    The initial rebel blasts were vaporizing at least 2 characters if not 3.


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