Darth Revan or SLKR



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    tbh looks like op is closer to slkr imo. go for it
    Maybe End Game isn't for you
  • Gifafi
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    2* dbast, no ordo, no carth, no juhani, 7* L75 hk vs r5 kru 5* g12 hux. g12 foo etc. ehh, I say go for it
    Maybe End Game isn't for you
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    TVF wrote: »
    The odds of a 5 are only 2.42%, which probably explains why you haven't seen one. 10 is 36.32%.

    Worst case would be 35 crystal / shard. You're right, that's an excellent deal.

    EDIT: Odds on that 50 are 1.21%. Nice pull!

    I think 🤔 all agree that it should be equal chance to pull a 5 or 330. Thats what i thought 💭 when i started to play this game. And Im sure many ppl dont know its not the same think its 0,02% to pull a 330.

    And you only know that If you click that small text in the upper corner. So If CG wanted to make even more $ on this game tjhey should do that, i.e give same % to pull a 5 or 330. Then even many FTP who dont spend anything Im sure would buy a Crate of crystals to try their luck.

    So many people who never buy crystals would once in a while if odds getting 5 7, 10 etc up to 330 where the same. I would bought a crate for Mando. The sad thing som is CG pack % pulls could been written on the card. But they are sneaky and so uncool.

    Like IPD I bought for 19:99$ said you can gear him up to (think lvl 5) but they lied 🤥 could not even unlock him because you got 40 of 80 shards needed!! Believe me not just me was **** 😡 so they later changed information and wrote you get 40 shards. I would not even been so **** if you could buy him again in 2 weeks time or a month! Took 6 months!
  • 7 Months After your post, Are you happy with your decision to go with DR rather than SLKR? I'm now in the same boat and evaluating the decision and future payoffs.
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    I was at a point where i was going to farm either DR or SLKR. I went with DR, and i will unlock SLKR tomorrow

    I think going DR first was the best decision. I've placed 1st in SA almost everyday, so the crystal income has helped. Its been more difficult with more GLs showing up in SA, but it gets to the point where i basically had to go for SLKR. I don't have GAS or padme, but i will get both later. I obviously have JKR. But TBH, i'd 100x rather have SLKR than GAS

    Many good guilds also want people with a GL or close to one, so farming a GL opens up new opportunities and benefits. In the time it takes to get negotiator or malevolence to 7 stars in an ok guild, i could have a 7 star negotiator and at least a 5 star malevolene by being in a strong guild that does well in TB and TW

    I don't know what the OP's roster looked like, but the DR farm is a cake walk compared to SLKR, it really was a grind
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