Win every LS Geo TB Fleet CM! No Y-Wing, No Ships Lost!

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WIN EVERY LS Geo TB Fleet CM! No Y-Wing, No Ships Lost! P1-3 All Shown, Good & Bad RNG's!


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    Great content as usual, I can say that I run this same lineup (other than my sarge is g12 with 5 dots and my Ahsoka is R7) and the same strategy, but if the AI decides to focus fire down 5s it can go pear-shaped pretty quickly. Managed a 4/4 run last TB and only 1/4 (phase 3combat mission in phase 4).
    Worth noting too, that it shouldn’t be a matter of the AI is targeting 5s because he is weaker, R7 5s is 110k/81k with 45% armor and g12+1 sarge is 91k/75k with 44% armor, it is just a matter of who they attack until you can get into assault formation to drop that extra taunt off of 5s.

    Still agreed that it is about the best strategy available though.
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