Does posting a bug report even help?

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I've posted about the game crashing a few times now and at most I've gotten other players to respond to my posts. I've never (emphasis on NEVER) had anyone from EA or CG respond or even acknowledge my bug reports. I'm wondering if anyone else has this experience. Also looking for some feedback here where I have at least a nonzero chance of being acknowledged.

Bug #1: I have done my own digging in to the crashes and so far I've heard from several people from different guilds that all have one thing in common: a samsung device. It would appear that for some reason samsung devices have a predisposition to cause swgoh to crash. My initial thought is that there is some kind of process monitor on samsung devices that squashes the swgoh process under certain circumstances that don't arise on other platforms. To the players: if you experience crashes, what device do you use?

Bug #2: My reset timers are showing up with insanely high times (see attached pic). Like how does this even happen in a game that's been around as long as it has? Not only have the devs NOT been adding new (playable) content but they can't even work out small bugs like this??? Anyone else see this bug?
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    yes reporting and discussing bugs and issues at Answers HQ helps. they have a system there that catalogs and ranks issues.

    Please discuss the bugs you have found and share any details you have concerning them at Answers HQ
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