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[Developer Insight - Kit Reveal]

Hi Holotable Heroes,

Today we are taking a deeper look at Greef Karga, a notorious scoundrel and the go-to-guy for connecting Bounty Hunters with clients on Nevarro. Greef is always trying to spot the most lucrative solution to whatever predicament he finds himself in, and his abilities reflect this. He prefers to hang back while other Bounty Hunters work to achieve their Payouts and he supports the squad with mass assist calls and frequent recovery of Health and Protection.

The Basics:
  • Greef Karga is a Support Bounty Hunter that provides recovery, assists, and dispels
  • He interacts with units that are activating Bounty Hunter Payouts and gains bonuses to many of his abilities when Payouts are active.
  • This character plays a support role in this faction, which makes him the last piece of puzzle in an all encompassing Bounty Hunter squad
  • His kit only has one damaging attack, his Basic, but his powerful utility makes him an important unit to keep alive during an encounter

Unique Attributes:
  • Greef is the first Light Side Bounty Hunter
  • Pay close attention to his Unique, Boss of the Guild, as it provides bonuses when either an allied OR enemy Bounty Hunter gains their Payout. Greef always has to get his cut
  • Boss of the Guild also can reduce allied Bounty Hunter cooldowns when any Bounty Hunter receives their Payout

  • Greef Karga’s kit is based on his character throughout the show
  • In some moments, he’s the expeditor of the guild behind the table and making deals. Other times, he’s out fighting in the thick of it with his dual pistols
  • We definitely had to include something around bounty pucks so his Special 1, Bring Them in Cold, sees Greef target an enemy and call in his Bounty Hunter allies to assist
  • His Relic is the damaged beskar that he was paid with after turning in the Child

Strategy Tips:
  • He starts an encounter in the relative safety of stealth and has a good amount of survivability
  • Once you complete his contract, Greef gains additional survivability and he’s even more of a threat when he earns his Payout
  • He also stealths again when he earns his Payout so you can keep him away from the enemy squad even if your team loses Taunt

Special Interactions:
  • It is important to call out again that his Unique, Boss of the Guild, is affected by both allied and enemy Bounty Hunters
  • His abilities apply additional effects to allies with Payouts active

Squad Suggestions:
  • Our best squad during testing was Jango Fett, Greef Karga, Embo, Dengar and Bossk
  • Embo could be swapped for Boba Fett as he fits into this team fairly well
  • We would suggest keeping Dengar and Bossk for their out of turn attacks that will trigger Payouts quickly
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