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Hi Holotable Heroes,

Today we have one of the most exciting new characters in Galaxy of Heroes, the Mandalorian! This mysterious man of few words works as a Bounty Hunter at the far edge of the galaxy. No one really knows where he came from or how he's so well-equipped for battle but few question his ability to bring in a target. Whether taking a Swift Shot with his blaster pistol or readying his Amban sniper rifle to instantly disintegrate his enemy, the Mandalorian is always prepared to take on whatever gets in his way.

The Basics:
  • The Mandalorian is a Bounty Hunter Leader but part of the Light side alignment
  • He is primarily a critical damage focused Attacker with the potential to defeat enemies in a single blow
  • The second Light Side Bounty Hunter after Greef Karga
  • The Mandalorian starts battle with Bounty Hunter’s Resolve but does not have the ability to regain it
  • The Unique, Disciplined Bounty Hunter, can provide turn meter to the whole Bounty Hunter squad when the Mandalorian critically hits

Unique Attributes:
  • The Mandalorian does not start the battle with access to all of his abilities: He is granted the ability, Disintegrate, when he receives his payout
  • Disintegrate is only active with his payout, but the Mandalorian also needs Crit Chance or Crit Damage buffs in order to actually utilize the ability

  • This kit draws mainly from Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 of The Mandalorian Disney+ show; the character represents his time before he obtains his full suit of Beskar armor
  • We tried to capture specific moments from those episodes in his abilities, as well as his animations:
  • The Basic attack from the first bar scene
  • The Amban rifle during the Trandoshan ambush
  • When he picks off a few Jawa scavengers to defend his ship
  • There were a ton of elements to choose from and we had to narrow it down to his core experience in those episodes but there so much more space and characters for us to explore

Strategy Tips:
  • The Mandalorian is great at dealing damage but is going to need a strong tank to keep him alive long enough to reach his payout
  • Bounty Hunters that hit more than one target or hit multiple times are preferred in order to complete his contract faster
  • His base critical chance is very high and he will likely have Critical Chance Up in battle so we suggest focusing on critical damage mods

Squad Suggestions:
  • The Mandalorian is designed to work well with Greef Karga but also synergizes strongly with the other bounty hunters with Bounty Hunter’s Resolve
  • You will need a tank like Bossk to soak up some damage for the Mandalorian
  • You could also include Embo in this squad for the extra dispel and utility that he provides
  • Dengar is good choice if you want to finish the Mandalorian’s contract very quickly and get the squad their payout bonuses
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