Developer Q&A - 04/23/2020


  • Can you talk to us about some new content, raids, and changes to the game? And provide some context around timeline expectations?

    Are you developing any new games that might be of interest to us?
  • Shu
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    Hello there, I love this game so much, please bring to the game a solo type dungeon that I can use multiple teams of my roster in. Question, why was the teaser video for the mandalorian, which looked amazing by the way, released after all the teasing was done?
  • Hello there. Here are my questions:
    - The sell option on the updating tab was a very good first step to improve mod management. Can you make a direct link to the mod update screen or an option to update and sell mods immediately after we recieve them from any events?
    - When will you release ship management?
    - Can we see somehow the stacking stats and properties visible during matches? E.g. Tarkin, Asajj, Yolo stacking offense, or clones after Fives sacrifice.
    - Can you please add Ability Materials to the Scavenger forge?
    - Can you remove challenge gears from everywhere outside Daily Challenge and replace them to useful gears? For example in Training Droid Smuggling very annoying to get challenge gear we have thousands of them, and also in other events, raids. (I know, there is no useless since Relics, but still...)
  • There is a lot of bugs related to Malevolence, Negotiator and their fleets. Any plans on fixing them?
    1. Undying Loyalty getting "stuck" on a ship. It does not happen as often as previously though.
    2. Overcharge looks like a buff, but does not make Sun Fac taunt
    3. The source of the buzz droids (Vulture special, Vulture reinforcement and Hyena special) make them behave in different ways. It's a mess
    4. Charging Malevolence targeting Hyana Bomber also removes daze (and other debuffs?) from the "real" Vulture droid. None of this should happen.
    5. Ahsoka can dispell her buzz droids (that should trigger at the beginning of the turn) with Turnabout without ever taking damage (at least it looks that way when the AI does it).
    6. There likely more

  • Can you give us an update on the raid content that was mentioned 6 months ago? It’s been > 2 years since we had additional pve content. New TBs aren’t new content because they take away other content (net is zero). It would be nice to have some kind of endless mode or GW heroic/mythic or new assault battle or something.
  • There has been a lot of talk about "sandbox" modes of different sorts. Could a really simple solution be to let guilds create TB's against themselves/other guilds? No rewards, just for testing purposes.
    The same idea could be used with GACs.

    This will not require at totally new game mode and should be less expensive to develop than most other ideas.
  • LOTD
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    What do you feel as a community we have to do better?

    And what do you feel as the creator of a billion dollar game do you feel you have to do better?

    From an outsider looking in I would say there seems to be a scattergun approach to content and character releases at the moment.
  • Question 1: When will the new Raid?
    Question 2: When Practice mode when there is nothing to do?
    Question 3: When Mythic Galactic War mode?
  • LOTD
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    How does this sound?

    Let's use the event to spark a rebirth of the bounty hunters.

    It's good to see Mando have an additional ability when he fulfils his bounty.

    What if you add another level to all bounty payouts and you collect bounty pucks via events which pay for the new abilities. They don't have to be overpowered but just another string to the bow to keep the synergy going
  • bamRTR
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    Why hasn't the tank raid already been put on Sim, it takes 10-20minutes on auto now and is pointless that only about 6-7 ppl even attempt it. We have several guys that auto Heroic Sith raid also is there some way to make that raid simmable also at least for the larger guilds
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  • 1) What about the vehicles that have been mentioned quite a while ago?

    2) Are we going to get more divisions for GAC and more teams/ship squads for defense at higher GP levels?

    3) When will we be able to sim HAAT and the Sithraid and are going to get a new raid for troops and a first one for ships?

    4) can you please add a mode that lets you actually use all your toons and that can be played as often and as long as you want?
  • YaeVizsla
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    1) Are there plans to flesh out the Resistance fleet? As things stand, the Raddus doesn't work particularly well with just three ships in-faction.
    Still not a he.
  • Ultra
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    YaeVizsla wrote: »
    1) Are there plans to flesh out the Resistance fleet? As things stand, the Raddus doesn't work particularly well with just three ships in-faction.

    Yeah, a faction specific tank for each capital ship would be nice rather than Hounds Tooth
  • Olderaan
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    Could you please change the animation of Cara Dune's basic ability? Now it looks like she is working with a drill... Why has she got such a rifle if you use it as a melee weapon? I didn't see anything like that in the series at all.
  • When will the Facebook Link be re-established?
  • Gifafi
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    When we click on a gear piece, say in the store, and a toon that we have favorited needs it but not yet (it's piece for g12 but char is g11, for example) can we get a way to see that we (will) need that piece? Maybe the char is listed at the bottom as a toon needing it but grayed out or just a dot. Something.

    Also, can we get a way to lock gear?

    Maybe End Game isn't for you
  • Will the Bad Batch from the new season of Clone Wars be looked at in game at some point and will JarJar Binks ever be added he would fit perfectly with Padme squad
  • Are there plans to take a hard look at the Ki-Adi-Mundi event? Even with R7 toons that are perfectly modded, RNG gives you at best 50/50. That’s manageable when it’s an event you can try over and over, but a “only one try once a month” means no one even gets to work hard on getting it right.

    What do you think about running a bonus Hoth TB once in a while during TW? No Geo option. This would be primarily to allow members to complete all their Hoth specific challenges.
  • I'm interested to learn if the ramp up and on-going Galactic Legends event has met the intended expectations of the studio, or if in hindsight you would have done something differently. I'm just trying to gauge how you view the event. I'm not looking for the "numbers on engagement" data analysis noise, people will do the event to stay relevant in the game, they really don't have a choice if they want to, but this event and the requirements are so diametrically opposed to the Commander Luke Skywalker Event that I'm still just disoriented that this GL event was the intended outcome.
  • Bugs:
    ETA on resolving a Facebook link issue?
  • Iy4oy4s
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    Will we ever see the Unending Loyalty bug being squashed?
  • Just finished the Cara Dune Marquee Event. For some reason, Han Solo was not available for any tier of this event. He just disappeared from my roster. My question is, what's up with that?
  • HK22
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    Oh one other question:

    Can you please get rid of the Hyperdrive Bundle icon pack for level 85 players. It takes up room on the UI and sometimes prevents players from noticing important events like TW.
  • Is CG_Bullfrog allowed to answer questions?
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