Scruffylooking Nerfherderz, 374M GP looking for 1 Now — discord: 7TMMKkZ Addicted Players Only

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Scruffylooking Nerfherderz, 374M GP looking for 1or more Now — discord: 7TMMKkZ

Addicted Players Only

Scruffylooking Nerfherderz is an independent guild with great camaraderie. We are friendly, supportive, focussed on having fun, and looking for daily players. We do not micro-manage, but we expect you to be a good player for yourself and for the guild.

Not really looking for number chasers — shard & star requirements — because we think those folks jump guilds a lot.

We are looking for folks who want a great guild to stick with and grow with because that's what we have, a great, stable guild, founded on day one of guilds in May 2016.

• **GP** —374M, 50/50 members — looking for 1 or more Now

• **TB** — Territory Battle participation is a must. Each phase, one must coordinate on platoons, play missions as indicated, and deploy their full GP.
(◦ DS Geo — 31 ⭐️ ~ 34 Wat shards)
◦ LS Geo — 22 ⭐️ ~ 17 KAM shards
◦ RotE — 20 ⭐️ ~ 0 Reva shards

• **TW** — Territory War participation is a must. At a minimum, one must join all TWs, win at least 50 banners, and follow guild strategy.

• **Tickets** — 600 per day desired, or at least 450 per day.

• **Raids** — All Raids are heroic tier on farm with a 24-hour join period
◦ Pit & HAAT Raids — These are SIMmed at 6:30 PM UTC.
◦ HSTR — Launched at 8:00 PM UTC.
◦ C Pit — Launched at 9:00 PM UTC.
◦ Please join all Raids.

About you:

• 5.5+ mil GP (and / or highly focussed roster)
• 2+ Galactic Legends
• Full participation in all guild activities
• Focussed on advancement
• Daily player (450-600 tickets)

Discuss an invite on the Scruffylooking Nerfherderz discord server:

or contact Mik Prat Rel 879-387-224 — in-game

Who are we calling Scruffylooking? You! Come check us out!
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