The Alliance Iota is Recruiting (290M+ GP, 31* DS Geo, 19* LS Geo)

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Alliance Iota, is looking for recruits.
Guild Highlights:
  • Ranked Top 50 for GP. (290M+)
  • Ranked Top 50 for average Arena Rank.
  • 31 Stars DS Geonosis TB
  • 19 Stars LS Geonosis TB
  • TW wins: 85+
  • Efficient at maximizing end game content.
  • Longstanding leadership & members.
  • Founding Member of the Alliance Community.
Guild Rules:
  • 600 daily tickets
  • We like to have a full guild joining our TW's, However if you cannot participate in both Defense and Offense due to real life commitments then you can sit out.
  • We have specific, well planned and easy to follow instructions that we expect our members to follow in TB, very beneficial in achieving maximum returns.
  • Communication: Very important to us. If you're going through a rough patch or just running late. Let us know, we can be accommodating with sufficient notice.
  • Be active on discord.
  • Be top 15 in both arenas
  • Have well geared separatists and galactic republic, to join us in maximizing TB rewards and complete each special mission consistently
  • Have a TW oriented roster.
  • GP not so much an issue if you have a solid roster
  • Attention to detail and following instructions.
Raiding schedule:
  • Raids at 7.30pm (STR) and 9pm (AAT) UTC Minimum 15 hours to log 0's
Guild Culture:
  • We are a very close knit group, it's not often we have places available.
  • Positive, fun loving and chatty.
  • Always pushing to maximize results.
  • Our guildies are amazing and community is what makes this game so great.
If this sounds like a place you want to be a part of, then we would love to hear from you!

Apply via our Recruiting Discord server:
Alternatively, direct message:
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