What Should I do or what characters I should farm now

What should I do with this team or what characters should I farm starting with this team?


  • Just a note, I am currently farming Arc Trooper Fives(30/50) shards.
  • I was thinking on Farming:
    Cantina Battles: Ezra 4 stars and then unlocking Lando.
    Squad Arena: Farming Kanan 4 stars and then Ackbar(unlocking)
    And the hard node mostly fives and after maybe dooku.
    My team objectives would be:
    Ackbar (lead)
    Luke(farmboy) or Leia
    Is this a good beginner team?
    Note: I am in the top 5000 thousand in arena and trying to climb up.
    Any advices on what team would make me climb up faster?
  • Rhunne
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    Pick a faction to start with and go through them for synergy (Phoenix, 501st, ns etc) don't try and jump all over the place with characters you would like to do (as much as it sucks) unless you plan on doing that faction. It will only hurt you in the long run if you bounce around as you will hit the gear wall for all of them.
  • Rhunne
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    Also there are lots of new player guides on the forum as to what path to follow to get specific people (ie Phoenix gets you thrawn and emperor Palpatine) have a read over those, it will definitely help you find a direction.
  • Google Warrior 5 Pillars 2020 Guide, good video & farming program.

    Best early farm options are Phoenix Squad for Light Side & Bounty Hunters for Dark Side & Credit Heists.

    Cantina Battles = Ezra & Hera, alternating at 2, 5, & 7 stars.
    Dark Side Hard = Sabine (She is slow & won't be for Thrawn/Palpatine, just ship for Chimera)
    Cantina Store = Chopper (open at 2) then Boba Fett (open at 4), then back on Chops to 7*
    Squad Store = Kanan to Open-2, IG88 to Open-3, then Kanan to 7*
    GWAR Store = Zeb Open-2, then Cad Bane-Open-3, Then back on Zeb to 7*

    Get Phoenix open, then get 3 easy BH open, then take Phoenix to 7*

    Alternatively you could delete the game before you get **** into this HUGE time &/or money pit & go find something fun to do that is an actual game or outdoor activity.

  • I changed a little bit and found out geo soldier is very easy to farm i am level 37 and he is already one equipement missing to gear VI;
  • Besides I thune Phoenix may be good but it is boring while new teams can be better.
  • BrieflyRex
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    Separatists are the best farm you can do at the beginning of the game. All the other guides are outdated.They allow you to unlock Padmé, and 3/5 of that team are used as part of a Negotiator fleet down the line. And Padmé is one of the best teams in the game because, modded correctly, it beats anything other than Galactic Legends.
    Clones are a good farm too, Fives' zeta in Tactical Awareness allows you to have very good offensive wins in arena, and then eventually you get Shaak Ti and you are good to go. That would be imo the 2nd best route. The Pheonix route is outdated, the prequels came here to shine!
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    What should I do with this team or what characters should I farm starting with this team?

    Find a guide/plan and stick to it. Do some research, and find a plan you like. Don’t just bounce around different characters that don’t fit together. I recommend Separatists first, maybe watch AhnaldT101 ‘s video about that path, although you don’t need to follow that to a T, I’m changing it for me a little bit, as I don’t agree with doing Phoenix after Separatists, and I don’t mind missing out on Commander Luke, Thrawn or Palpatine.
  • Just an updated version of my inventory i am now farming dooku (missing 12 shards) and bounty hunters, boba cantina store, geo soldier cantina battles greedo IG 88 squad arena and cad bane galactic war were to find magnaguard? and should i continue maxing out stormtrooper first order because i initially took him because of the taunt.
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