I know there are more characters out any the HAAT doesn’t get as much attention anymore, but what are some other solo HAAT teams out there? Doesn’t have to be auto. Please include relic levels. Interested to see what other people are using.


  • KRU, Kylo, First Order Officer, FIRST ORDER EXECUTIONER, and Thrawn.

    They can all be g10-g11, except for FOX. He needs to be r3 or r4 minimum, with gold mods primarily for health and offense/CD.

    Doesn't work on auto. The premise is to beat on the bosses with FOX, and as he does so he gains lots of stacking offense. If you mess up and kill an enemy with him, much of the stacking goes away.

    FOO's main purpose is to give FOX turns and secondary purpose is to remove turn meter from the Phase 3 boss. Kylo is there to generate turn meter as well. Thrawn can keep a debuff on the bosses to ensure FOX crits, remove a little turn meter, and give FOX turns.

    This screenshot is starting at some point in progress, but you get the idea.
  • 501st clones with shaak ti lead. All relic 3
  • Ravens1113
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    JTR, BB8, CLS, 3PO and Finn.

    G12 is preferable for all of them. The idea is to TM control Grevious in P1 while using Finn to deal massive stacking damage with his special. Mod him for CDamage and offense for max damage. He can crit for over 200K modded right.
  • Rhunne wrote: »
    Where to begin. Best bet is look at YouTube, there are a few teams now that can auto or semi auto. Shaak ti, rex, 3po, 5s and echo is one for auto. I used jtr, CLS, raid han, 3po and bb8 for quite a while before my clones where geared. It's not an auto until p3, but it is a slow a steady team that can be used at g12

    I just hadn’t seen a lot of good videos as of recent unless I’m missing them but I’ll look again. Most people are making videos on new content but I appreciate the feedback.
  • MasterSeedy
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    I've used JTR, CLS, BB8, Threepio & Finn.

    When I first started completing the solo, JTR and CLS were g12, bb8 was g10, Threepio was g11, and Finn was g10.

    CLS can be g9-g10 here b/c you need him to control TM, not deal damage. It gets WAY easier with Finn at g12, but I did it at g10+5, modded right, and it was pretty easy on manual once I got through p1. If I started at 65% left on p1, it was even easy in p1 w/ finn at g10+5... but really, it's possible even for a 100% clear. Get Finn up into g11+4 or so and it's not even difficult in p1 any more, though you still have to manual all the way through p1.

    My Finn is relic'd now (r3), and the TM control strategy is still difficult to make work on auto (basic) and regular auto doesn't work at all. But I can put it on auto in p2, so it works pretty well for me. Only requires 5-10 minutes of attention counting from when I find my phone & before I turn it on.

    Before Threepio, I used to use the Ackbar, Thrawn, BB8, Ventress/RaidHan, CLS squad from partway through p2 all the way through the end (30M+).
  • JKR, BB8, JKA, GMY, Hermit Yoda.

    Relic 2,7,7,5 then g12 respectively.

    Load team, press auto, click to advance cut scenes, done.
  • khdelboy
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    I did solo HAAT with JTR, CLS, BB8, C3PO and Finn.

    All of them are pretty much just Gear 12. The most difficult part is the first phase as you must try to stop GG from reviving his teammates too often (I think it's 11 times) which will make him go into enrage mode. It's not possible to auto this phase.

    After that, it's just semi-auto. I put it on auto and target manually phase two and four. Phase three is pretty easy, selecting the minor ones then switching back to the Boss to reduce his TM, then switch back to clear the rest of the minor ones until they're all gone, then it's pretty much self auto from that point.
  • Vendi1983
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    My go to now is R3 JTR, G12+3 BB8, R7 CLS, R1 C3PO, and G12+4 Wampa.

    P1 is manual, P2-P4 is full auto after first topple of the tank. Way better than using Finn and having to target the turrets for them.
  • DuneSeaFarmer
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    My run last night. 24 mins. Auto except for cutscene advancing. Phase 1, GG's debuff barrage fails. JKR's saber toss wiping adds, bringing down the tanks, priceless lol
    Leader: Grey Area 51
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    I don't use this anymore now that I can just throw Kylo in and hit auto, but it was my HAAT solo squad for a good minute. It absolutely will not work on auto and takes a while, but it's fun and different.

    The first key is Young Han's stacking offense every time he tosses his dice. It carries between waves, so by the end of the raid he'll be dropping 700k bombs. The second key is abusing Ackbar lead to call loads of CLS assists to push down the boss's turn meter and give your team turn meter via It Binds All Things.

    Phase 1 is tricky because you need to drag it out so that Han can stack, but not so long that Grievous ends up enraging. Phase 2 takes some practice as well - the first few times I was beating it by the skin of my teeth, but after a few runs I could get it down with a full topple to spare. By Phase 3 Han will be hitting hard enough that you basically can't lose unless you do something really dumb.

    If you G13 and zeta Young Han, you can also swap out Hoda for Raid Han (g12 is fine as long as he has his zeta.) In that version you just get Young Han into Prepared and don't use his 2nd special except to pass Prepared to others and restore protection. He'll constantly assist Raid Han and just lay waste, plus the extra TM reduction on Han's basic makes it much easier to control Grievous in Phase 1.

  • MasterSeedy
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    That's an interesting squad. Not that different from the Ventress squad I used to use before Threepio was released. But back then, I would just use it for the last 10-40% of so of p2 (I was conservative when I started using that squad, I learned better later) and then on through the finish. Making it work with Raid Han is an interesting TM-control twist.
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