Active Guilds Looking For Players - May 2020 ***READ RULES IN FIRST POST***


  • 298th Tie Squadron is recruiting! Casual guild with a competitive edge.

    We’re a casual guild with focused no goals, active leadership, and we’re flexible with our requirements - we get that real life comes first. We're looking to find active players who engage with their guild-mates, participate in all guild activities, and work towards improving their roster to help the guild as a whole. We also want you to have fun with it - if you want to 7* R7 CUP, we'll support you in your endeavors. And yes we have one of those too 😁

    Our Requirements
    - Respect your guild mates
    - 3.5M GP (or less if your roster is focused)
    - Full participation in guild activities
    - Complete your dailies
    - Communication if you'll be away from the game for more than a few days

    Raid Start Times
    Rancor: Simmed; 7pm Central time 24 hour sign up period.
    Heroic Tank Raid: 7 pm Central time 24 hour sign up period
    Heroic Sith Raid: 7 pm Central time 24 hour sign up period

    Guild Events
    Full participation expected for Territory Battles and Territory Wars

    TW: About a 50/50 record
    Geo TBs: Dark Side 18star // Light Side 9star Wat is at 4* currently
    Hoth TBs: Dark Side 42star // Light Side 43star

    PM me if you're interested, we currently have a few spots open
    Ally code: 266941457
  • NYA_Banner_Forum.PNG

    ‘No Younglings Allowed’ are recruiting. We’re looking for 1 active player to come and join us, so look below and if that sounds like you then give us a shout!
    • No Younglings Allowed 227M – an original day 1 independent UK guild
    • Guild Activities refresh 19:30 (UTC)
    • All Heroic Raids (24hr join period) Pit is simmed 19:30 (UTC); HAAT and HSTR launch automatically when tickets reach launch cost (19:00 (UTC) and 20:00 (UTC) respectively)
    • Geonosis TBs (DS 26 stars (25+ Wat shards)/LS 12 stars) / TW 70% win rate
    • TB we expect everyone to take part (Platoons/Combat Missions/Deployment)
    • TW we require a minimum 200M+ GP to join (45+ members for each war)
    • 600 Raid Tickets daily is not enforced but we encourage everyone to do as much as they can (Raids won’t launch without them)
    • 4M+ GP (3.5M with a strong focused roster will be considered); ideally have the following squads: JKR, DR + Malak, Padme, GAS, 7* Hounds Tooth with 7* Bossk, Hans M’Falcon and also (or at least be actively farming) GR and Separatist toons to help in the Geonosis TBs
    • A good sense of humour and willingness to get involved; from giving advice, being active in chat (in game or discord); we also appreciate you posting any planned absence with as much notice as possible (we appreciate you have a real life too)
    • Our player-base - UK, USA, Canada, France, Germany, Netherlands, Romania and Australia
  • We are called Brotherhood of Harris ( We are a small, chilled guild with 22M GP. We are looking for members to take the guild to the next level. We presently have a solid base of members who contribute tickets daily. We regularly hit six stars AAT as well as five to six stars Sith Raid. We open our Rancor raid to members new to the game (with characters between level 65 to 80) so they can learn, grow and acquire needed gear (we occasionally run the Heroic version for those needing Han Solo shards).

    We have space for 15 to 20 members. We would mind a whale if he or she is interested (we already have one or two). My ally code is 719-391-327. Or you can check me out at
  • Lpd777
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    We are basically a bunch of old school players who started a guild to have fun and help out newer players. We know all strategies for Raids, Territory Battles and Territory Wars.
    We have a winning record in Territory Wars
    We are running ALL raids on Heroic.
    We have 2 spots left and are looking for active players around 1.5m GP or a focused roster.

    We are not a feeder guild and have no interest in merging with any other guild

    Please contact one of us in game or on Discord about joining
    Quaalude 842-821-529
    LPD777 448-382-117
    Miller’s chub 454-312-498
  • MutineerRA
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    Mutiners without fears (yes, the guild name is spelt wrong!)

    1 space ....low turnover of players

    184mil gp.....Friendly, relaxed but very active guild. No rules other than playing regularly and following TW and TB instructions

    Heroic raids

    Raids 7.30pm uk time

    Geo Tbs

    Good tw strategy and record

    Ideally looking for 3m+ gp or a focussed roster

    Contact me on here or in game if any questions. Obi Dan 949-699-318

  • Starcorps

    105mil gp

    All raids heroic

    Recently moved to dark side geo tb.

    Very active and friendly guild searching for more players to join our ranks so we can progress to bigger and better things. Any other questions please do not hesitate to contact me

    My ally code is 647-597-265 TarisUtapau

  • Caren
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    Are you looking for a causal guild? Or an elite competitive guild? How about somewhere in between? Exiled Rebel Squadron has a guild for you. Join our discord to find the home for you.

    • ExiledOnTatooine - 288m GP - DS Geo: 30 ⭐️ 47 Wat - LS Geo: 18 ⭐️ 15 Kam
    • Åluminum Falcon - 275m GP - DS Geo: 30 ⭐️ 41 Wat - LS Geo: 17 ⭐️ 7 Kam
    • Tres Comàs - 253m GP - DS Geo: 30 ⭐️ 40 Wat - LS Geo: 15 ⭐️ 5 Kam
    • ExiledKnights[Kit] - 228m GP - DS Geo: 27 ⭐️ 31 Wat - LS Geo: 12 ⭐️ 2 Kam
    • Dracarys - 214m GP - DS Geo: 23 ⭐️ 19 Wat - LS Geo: 10 ⭐️
    • Black Epsilon - 208m GP - DS Geo: 26 ⭐️ 26 Wat - LS Geo: 10 ⭐️ 1 Kam
    • Destroyer’s House of Pain - 198m GP - DS Geo: 16 ⭐️ 2 Wat - LS Hoth: 41 ⭐️
  • tex.guild_icon_blacksun.png

    82M GP, 38/50.
    Looking for 13-15 active players. Any levels, any GP. Main goal for new players - get 7star any character for taking part in guild's raids. We are open for joining us. Must do at least 400 raid points every day.

    Main languages - russian, ukrainian and sometimes english.
    Guild's reset time zone: EST (GMT+4) (Kiev time)
    All raids 7 star with one day to join

    LS Hoth 27 stars
    DS Geo 7 stars

    Join the Ewoking Dead! (Ewoks not required) We are a friendly, active, US-based 167M GP guild looking for a few new members to round out our group. Minimum 2.5M GP and active daily and in guild events. Plenty of room for newer, ambitious players who've outgrown their guild and vets who just want a guild that everyone stays active in.

    8* LSGEO
    18* DSGEO + 12 Wat shards
    Heroic raids (730 PM EST) w/ 24 join (Pit sim)
    70% win rate in TW

    For more details discord Poodoo#5244 or add me as an ally 463-684-435
  • We are Masters of Light and open to a merger to gain 15 active players.

    We are a casual but competitive guild. No one looking over your shoulder nagging you if you missed 600 raid tickets. No daily login requirement (14-day inactivity = kick). We are a good bunch, with gear salvage donations generously given.

    Guild GP: ~105 million
    Guild Reset time: 4:00 pm EST
    HPIT 9PM EST Start after sign up period
    HAAT 9PM EST Start after sign up period
    6* STR 9PM EST Start no sign up period
    TW Need more participants....

    Looking for people with at least 1M GP (combined ships and characters), but we’ll consider active players under that amount depending on squad mix.

    Message PsyPhyPhan in-game (956-746-648) if interested or to learn more.

    Pride of Valhalla! - 49 Members; 227M GP

    We are a well-developed guild recruiting members who are looking for an active but not hardcore gameplay style.
    We are a group of veteran players who are focused on growing our TB abilities.
    We would prefer members above 3.5M GP, but if you have at least DR or Geos, then you are welcome to join.
    We have no ticket requirement, but we do ask our members to participate in raids (join at minimum), TB, TW, and post in our leave-of-absence channel for extended periods away from the game.

    Farm any team you want, but we would recommend teams that can also be used in raids and TB.

    Timezone: EST/EDT Guild Reset: 3:30PM EST (4:30PM EDT)

    Heroic Pit: We have 24 hour join period. Simmed.
    Heroic AAT: On Farm, launching at 4 PM. We have a 24hrs join period.
    Heroic Sith: On Farm, launching at 4PM. We have a 24 hour join period.

    TW/TB: 25* DS/11* LS GeoTB. Earning 18 Wat shards and close to earning KAM. Very organized using discord for TB assignments.

    Invite link:
    Ad URL:

    Sigma Nation –We are part of a 14 guild community for standalone guilds
    One community, Your guild identity & shared recruitment
    We are accepting individuals, groups, and mergers

    invite link:
    May the Force be with you.
  • GT1 is looking to replace 2 inactive before DS Geo. Message me if interested.

    What we offer:
    • 230MM gp independent guild (50/50)
    • People from all over but primarily CST/EST based
    • 26 Stars in Geo TB (expect to hit 27* next TB and 28* the one after that)
    • 80% Winning TW record
    • HSith on farm, 5:30pm EST
    • HAAT on farm, HPit sim, both with 24 hour join periods
    What we are looking for:
    • Fully active in all aspects of game, especially TW and TBs
    • GP of 4.5Mil+, exceptions can be made for exceptional rosters
    • Top 150 in arena, Top 50 in fleet
    • Strong TW and TB teams. Can earn Wat shards.
    • Discord for communication to coordinate TBs and other activity
    • 500 to 600 daily raid tickets

    Check out our profile at: or swing by our Discord channel (
    Message me here, in-game (348-885-251) or look me up on Discord at Wildcat#7773 if you have any questions. Look forward to hearing from you.
  • Squalo
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    Anarchy Empire (Part of the Villians Alliance) is looking for 1-2 loyal members to join our established guild!
    We’ve been around for over 3 years as a guild and have many long time members from US and Europe. We are looking for a member who wants to win and continue to grow in the game with us! We are highly active and competitive, but we don’t have any of the forced requirements. We are a friendly/helpful guild of active players.
    Guild Details:
    -HPit- 3x’s a week (24 hour join period) @10pm est
    -HAAT- 3x’s a week (24 hour join period)@10pm est
    -HSTR- 2x’s a week (24 hour join period- Rotating mornings and evenings for different time zones, we rotate 10pm est and 12pm est)
    -We have well over 60 wins as a guild- great win percentage! Currently 9 wins in a row! We take TW very seriously.
    -Dark Side Geo 24stars (20+WAT shards)
    -Light Side Geo 10stars (4+KAM shards)
    Looking for:
    1) 4mil+ gp (definitely consider lower with focused rosters)
    2) discord and .gg page
    3) Geo Tb Teams
    4) Full TB and TW participation
    5) 600 tickets highly encouraged but not enforced- our members enjoy the game so most are getting it.
    6) active, talkative and friendly people

    Anarchy Empire · SWGOH.GG

    If interested you can message me here, ingame @ ally code: 728-164-266 or on discord @ Squalo#4613 Thanks for considering us!
  • Binxy
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    Guild-Name: Brōtherhood of Darkness
    Guild-GP: 236m

    Geo LSTB: 14/36 (KAM Shards = 1+)
    Geo DSTB: 30/33 (Wat Shards = 35+)
    Hoth LSTB: 45/45
    Hoth DSTB: 48/48

    HPIT: 8pm BST (on sim)
    HAAT: 9pm BST (on farm)
    HSTR: 10pm BST (on farm)

    Discord Server:
    Discord Host: Binxy#9448
    Ally Code: 493-799-258

    The Brōtherhood of Darkness is a fully heroic independent guild focussed on Geonosian Territory Battles and Territory Wars. We are now recruiting players with a minimum GP of 4m, who are ready to compete with a very active and friendly, fun guild.

    Top players and collaborative environment - feel free to send me a message on discord if interested.
  • DSGeo starting -Droidikas! 182mil Rare spot open (13Wat shards, 42*Hoth, 19*DSgeo), US/Aussie guild!

    When we get members, they stay for good!!! We had a player who decided to stop playing as real life came into play.

    We are a semi competitive guild, with a casual atmosphere and an active discord community. 100% participation required. We were at 170mil less than a month ago and have grown to 182mil!!
    Looking for 1 active brother or sister willing to grow with us and bring your experience to our table. Come make our guild your forever home! Ask yourself what you can bring, what you are looking for and come chat with us! We are not part of any alliance and chose not to be.

    Currently we are focused on Dark side GEO TB (17 stars) and Light side Hoth Rebel Assault(42 stars) and always looking to break our records! We started getting Wat shards (6-8) and no KAM shards; yet.
    • We run all Heroic raids several times weekly!
    • Pit is simmed when we have enough tickets!
    • HAAT starts when we have enough tickets! (Gets destroyed in less than an hour!)
    • HSTR starts at 5pm Eastern! (Gets destroyed in roughly 4 hours!)
    • All raids have a 24 join period and are free for all, you want to participate in the raids then set your alarms!

    We acknowledge our team members and hold special MVP and other similar awards for participation and fun! HODOR award, Berzerker awards and MVPs!
    We offer squad and mod help from experienced veteran players at anytime for members. We have members from the US and Australia and can cope with different time zones.

    Guild Requirements:
    • Maintain 500-600 tickets daily
    • Level 85 min.2.5m GP +/-
    • Must be active in all guild events-- TB (all phases), TW, and HSTR
    • Must be active in discord chat
    • 7 day absent rule (7th day boot)
    • Bring your game face and your fun attitude!

    If you have any questions, please feel free to message me or join our discord.
    In game ally code - 949433314

  • Hi all,
    Join us at Cloud City Defense!
    150 mil GP with 6 spaces currently!
    2.5 mil GP minimum.
    Active players wanted.
    Discord not used and Facebook optional.
    Hero Sith is always done!
    Join in the game or ping me your ID on here 😁
  • Untitled.jpg

    Praetorian Alliance is Recruiting!

    There was more courage in bearing trouble than in escaping from it; the brave and the energetic cling to hope, even in spite of fortune; the cowardly and the indolent are hurried by their fears...
    - Plotius Firmus, Roman Praetorian Guard
    How to Join
    1. Meet the Player Stats Minimum
      • 3M+ GP
    2. Link SWGOH Accout to SWGOH.GG
    3. Send a message in Discord to Obi Jackson#2695 or JanRingo#5711 with the following information
      • Discord Username
      • SWGOH.GG Ally Code URL
    4. Congratulations! You're now a member of a Praetorian Alliance!

    About Us
    Praetorian Alliance is an active, yet laid back guild. Great leadership and well organized. All mature players. Friendly and fun environment. Geo TB is our main emphasis and our rosters emphasize TB over TW. We are independent and offer access to substantial amount of information on all aspects of SWGOH to help improve your game and roster.
    • Guild Points: 197M at 45/50 B)
    • Time Zone: EST
    • Language: English
    We provide 24 hours notice of upcoming raids to allow our members plenty of time to join
    Start time is always 8pm EST
    Run times are based on daily ticket contributions and are subject to change
    Currently runs At least 2 times each week
    Currently runs at least 2 times each week
    The Pit
    Currently runs at least 3 times each week

    Territory Battles
    Best Score: 44*
    Best Score: 22*

    Territory War
    As mentioned before, Territory War is not emphasized, but all guild members are expected to participate if they join.


    Rules & Regulations
    1. Join Guild Discord Server
    2. Daily Participation
      • 3 Day Grace Period
      • Send a message in appropriate Discord Channel if you will be away
    3. Guild Activities
      • Participation in both TB and TW
    4. Not enforced, but please attempt to get 600 daily raid tickets

    Rules & Regulations are subject to change at any time. For any questions or concerns, please message Obi Jackson#2695 or JanRingo#5711 in Discord
  • Ewokolypse Ascension is Recruiting

    • 185 million+ GP
    • Guild Reset: 6:30 PM / 7:30 PM Pacific Time
    • 23 star DS Geo Territory Battles
    • 10 star LS Geo
    •45 star LS / 44 star DS Hoth Territory
    • HPIT sim enabled
    • HAAT 10:00 AM Pacific Time
    • HSTR 9:00 AM Pacfic Time
    •3 GL Rey
    •1 GL Kylo

    • 2 million + GP or a focused roster
    • Participation in TW/TB, 600 daily tickets, and growth expected

    For more information, contact Line ID ,“Kato27$”, or “Gonere” on Line", “Obi-wan Mahomie#8559”, or “Gonere#1949” on Discord; join our Discord server; and feel free to check out our profile.
  • Hey there potential guildmate!
    Guild = The Hairy Wookies
    208m gp,
    We are looking for just 1 new player (4m+ gp) who wants a loyal hardworking guild that’s aim is to grow, whilst still keeping our game fun! We are a UK/EU based guild with evening raid times.
    The usual standards are met, fully heroic, very committed and strong in territory wars. Currently all working towards GEO DS/LS TB. Last effort was 26* on DS.and 30 Wat shards.
    Excellent discord channel available to guild members with useful bots and tools. All current 49 members of the guild are super active. but most importantly friendly, talkative and supportive of teammates and the guild. Constant input and fair contributing teamplay.
    So, why should you consider joining us? Well I think the guild has real pedigree in this game. We have grown from a few hundred k through player development and very successful mergers. We learned how to keep the game fun. There is no pressure for 600 a day tokens or personal farming targets, just chat and fun. The best players don’t need managing. Many of our players have joined from elite guilds where they felt bullied and harassed. There feedback is that they love our guild and it motivates them as we’ve made the game fun again. Our only ask is full contribution to TB really as we all benefit.
    Anyway, enough of my waffling, I hope you consider the Hairy Wookiee’s, I know you won’t regret it!
    Message me in game 594-838-596
    Thanks Ru

    EwokOnTheBeach is recruiting.
    170 mil GP 44/50
    Heroic Raids
    20 stars Geo Dark - 17 wat shards
    9 stars Geo Light - working towards kam shards (1 player ready to attempt)

    Required to join:
    Daily login
    Participation in TB
    Discord (can be setup after joining)

    We are looking for players who are doing their best and want to grow with a good group who can offer advice and teamwork. Come join us on the beach. Things are good here.

    Apply in game, join our discord, or even reach out to me in DMs.
  • Are you looking to grow and have fun!
    Looking for 1 more
    Looking for competitive players
    Geo-TB and TW FOCUS-Knights of the fallen
    Do you have 4.0 mil gp or higher??
    Having Malak, Padme, DR, Revan, GAS, legendary Rey or Kylo is a plus..
    We are looking for a few members
    219mil GP guild 4.5 mil gp Average
    All Heroic raids-alternate weeks-24 hour check-in
    Week 1- Heroic rancor- 8pm EST week 2-7pm EST
    Heroic AAT- 10pm EST week 2-8pm EST
    Heroic Sith raid- 9pm EST week 2-6pm EST
    Mandatory: 600 raid tickets, TB-GEO and TW participation
    Consistently win TW
    26 WAT shards
    Contact me:
    Ally code:516-413-261
    discord:light matter#0565
    Guild reset 7:30pm Est

    West Masters is a guild that has some of the most fun and interesting people you’ll meet. We also have amazing experts that help coordinate TW and TB with results. We provide a great environment to help grow together and push each other forward.

    4+ million GP.
    Discord app.
    A profile on SWGOH.GG.
    600 raid tickets per day

    Our guild reset time is 10:30 PM EST.

    If we sound like a great fit for you, please join us on Discord
    Our coordinator: Slick Rick#3408 (Discord)
  • Do you want to progress with the content on a regular basis without a fuss and experience so much winning? You want to take stuff at your own pace but you still want to do it with a group of similar-minded laid back people?
    JOIN US! :)
    We are looking for a few new members to fill up our ranks. Currently, we have 44/50 members, for larger group we can make extra space if needed
    We communicate in English and have recently moved to a new discord server.
    We are an active guild doing all regular activities, all heroic raids are done regularly and scheduled with 1 day join period.
    Our TW win rate is around 70%, 85w 36l currently - join us and get your zetas !
    We are currently at around 18 * geos but with a full roster, we would get few more, we usualy miss by few mill another treshold so we count to around 20+ with full roster, and around 10 Wat shards per run
    LS tb is around 10*
    we are over 44 * in both ds and 43* ls tb, but we are doing new tb recently and not going for old ones.
    We don't require too much from our members, just to be active and participate in guild events and activities, and follow the direction given by officers for tw and tb.
    We would prefer members with at least 2-2.5M GP with at least one solid reliced team. (doesn't have to be r7 but at least to have few relics even at lower level would be preferred)
    Link to our profile :
    my ally code: 723-483-597
    If you are interested in joining us or have any questions or want additional info feel free to write me.
    See you at the holotables :)
  • hyme
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    Heroes with 1000 Faces
    Currently looking for 5 individuals to join our ranks due too many long term members retiring.
    Currently 45/50 - 163 mil GP
    Current requirements are level 85 and 2.5 mil GP
    We have 90% win ratio in TW
    We get 20+ stars in DS Geo TB
    We get 9+ on current LS Geo TB.
    We expect everyone to sign up for all raids when they log, participation is optional.
    We expect everyone to deploy all characters and ships in TB as they log.
    We expect that if an individual does not want to or can not actively participate in TW, That they do NOT sign up. If an individual signs up we expect active participation throughout the event.
    Everyone in our group does their part including officers and we expect the same for new members.
    We do not have farming requirements or force people to pay. We hope all enjoy the game and will work together to progress. We hope you choose to join us on your journey.
    Contact us on Discord at
    Contact us in-game at
    Petrol 768-394-336
    Orion DiJackal 138-587-223
    Eklektos51 553-699-369
    Hyme 271-481-216
  • Fromsucktoblow
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    Future Intelligence

    195 million GP

    We sim the rancor raid and have HAATs and HSTRs with a day long join period as soon as they become available.

    HAAT is at 9pm EST and HSTR is at 10pm and
    Guild reset is at 8:30


    Joining/participating in TW/TB is mandatory

    We are looking for committed active players with a minimum GP of 2 million who earns their 600 tickets daily. We are getting 25 stars in DSGTB and 9 stars in LSGTB. On average we get 20-25 Wat shards and 1-3 KAM shards. We only ask that every member follows guild orders, continues to progress their roster in anyway they want, and gets their daily tickets for raids. We communicate mainly through discord so joining our server is required.

    This is the link to our recruitment discord server

    4 recruits with 4.0M+ GP wanted! | 27 DS GTB Stars | 12 LS GTB Stars | 223M+ GP guild

    Hello there!

    At The Young Apprentices we are looking for 4 new members! We are trying to replace departing members who the game just got too much for.

    We are a 223M+ guild (with 46 members, 239m+ when we are at full strength) - check us out at the link above!

    Overall, our main focus right now are both GTBs.

    What we can give you:
    - 27 stars in DS GTB!
    - 12 stars in LS GTB!
    - Raids with rotating times 9am/9pm CST
    - a great group of people who are up for fun at any time, and up for helping and guiding when you need help :)

    Really, the most important part of YA is that we try to have fun with the game, we try to be social and helpful and communicative. We just like Star Wars and swgoh unites us from all over the globe in that, and that is all we really need to be friends and play the game together :slight_smile:

    What we would like from you:
    - to have 4.0m+ GP
    - to have a focused roster, built for DS GTB and at least working on LS GTB teams.
    - to be reliable (not miss phases, deploys etc.)
    - to get 500+ tickets every day
    - to be nice, accepting, helpful and all around be a good guildmate :)
    - to have and Use Discord for communication
    - to have a profile

    What we don't do:
    - TW: we just set some fun/weird Defense and that's it
    - be mean to each other
    - force people to farm certain characters/ships (although we do appreciate farming the good ones)
    - force people to spend money on the game

    So if you find yourself suitable for our kind of guild, DM me on Discord at Firefox54#6204.

    CCI is an independent 221m GP guild (+you), we got:

    - 27☆ DSGTB (24 Wat shards)
    - 13 ☆ LSGTB (up to 3 KAM shard, 18 attempts)
    - 29,5 tickets per day (we use a ticket bot),
    - European evening hSTR,
    - and are no pushover in TW.

    We search for a focused and active player with 3m+ GP. Less GP is acceptable if you got good arena ranks. We are looking forward to you 

    Contact DarthSolman#0587 on discord
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  • MonoMonete
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    Hi there!

    We are a +250m guild looking for 2 active players.

    They must have 4,5m PG and want to have fun with game growing orderly manner, helping guild's work. This not means game is ahead of your life! We only ask for the daily 600 and for prepare 3 teams to maximize the Geonosis stars.

    In return, they will receive the maximum possible guild rewards and a fun and family community that will help them in way they can with tips, tricks, discussions,...

    Our main zone time is UTC+2, so raids are at Europe's evening.

    - Dark Side Geonosis --> 29* (35 Wat Tambor shards)
    - Light Side Geonosis --> 14* (some Ki-Adi-Mundi shards)
    - All Heroic raids
    - Tw is not mandatory, but ask to participate some times (if you like game like us, you will participate always ;)

    Wating for you to grow up together!

    Contact me if you are interested or want more details.

    See you!
  • Lpd777
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    We are basically a bunch of old school players who started a guild to have fun and help out newer players. We know all strategies for Raids, Territory Battles and Territory Wars.
    We have a winning record in Territory Wars
    We are running ALL raids on Heroic.
    We have 3 spots open and are looking for active players around 1.5m GP or a focused roster.

    We are not a feeder guild and have no interest in merging with any other guild

    Please contact one of us in game or on Discord about joining
    Quaalude 842-821-529
    LPD777 448-382-117
    Miller’s chub 454-312-498
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