Players Looking For Guilds - May 2020 *** READ RULES IN FIRST POST BEFORE POSTING ***


  • CitizenKeynes
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    ***HAVE FOUND GUILD. Thank you!***

    Hello everybody.

    A small preface.
    I returned to the game not so long ago (about 2 months ago) and started playing on my old account (it is about three yearsold - before the appearance of the Sith Triumvirate). After playing a bit, I realized that the account is hopeless (my arena is full of legends, and the fleet arena is full of Negotiators and Malevolence :) ). For this reason, I've decided to start playing from the beginning (currently - level 27 and 5000 GP). F2P.

    At the moment, I have almost nothing to offer the Guild other than some promises. I will briefly describe my development plan:
    - I plan to start for the separatists (Nute, Dooku, geonosians) with the subsequent transition to the geonosians, and then to the Padme team.
    - At the beginning of the game - no extra squads. Full concentration on geonosians until they get 12+ gears, so in the future (2-3 months) I can be useful for getting shards of Tambor.
    - I'm also planning a separatist fleet.
    - I will hand over 600/600 tickets a day.
    - I promise to be active, ready to adjust my development if it is necessary for the development of the Guild.

    From the Guild I want a farm of Geonosis (for flagship) and a heroic tank (for the shards of Kenobi in the Padme squad). It is also desirable that there is registration on the raids due to the time difference: my time zone is GMT+3, so I am not sure that I can beat the raids if your raid time is 03:00 AM in my time.

    I will be happy to receive any offers! Thank you for attention.
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  • ljgmsun
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    guild found!
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  • Rdysetgo
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    Thank you everyone for the overwhelming reach outs and taking the time to tell us more about your guilds.
    My brother and I will catch up this weekend to comb through the large list and will reach out :)

    Take care
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  • Hirohai
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    Almost 4M GP, looking for guild.

    Guild found, thanks!
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  • TheHerrin
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    My son and I have found a guild for us. Thank you all for reaching out and considering us for your guilds!
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  • AJLeff
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    Hello All,

    Thank you for all your consideration. I've found a guild.
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  • I'm looking for a guild doing L/D geo TBs. Being able to max out on HOTH LS would be nice once in a while. Also looking for raid times being in the evening 8pm PST or later.
    Starting to focus on GL Kylo. I use discord, I'm very active and you don't ever need to remind me for tickets.
    let me know if you have any questions-pm me here on in game.
  • iamfath0m
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    UPDATE - Well that was quick, I have already had a guild reach out which I have accepted.

    My guild disbanded a few weeks ago, so I decided to take a few weeks break from the game, but I'm ready to get back into it now but need a new guild.

    •Ally-Code: 156-432-461
    •Link to
    •Galactic Power: 3.6 million
    •Number of 7*: 112
    •Number of G12: 42
    •Number of G13: 11
    •Type of Play: F2P
    •Time-zone: GMT

    I'm usually very active and nearly always participate in all TW/TB. I'm looking for a chilled out guild that doesn't require me to farm specific characters. I have no interest in farming towards the GL's but I am close to unlocking GAS.

    I would prefer to join a UK/European guild, but will consider all.
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  • Najinful
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    Hey guys,

    I just returned to the game, after a year. I decided to start a new account, since it is hard for my old account to catch up. I am a summoners war veteran and have played swgoh for 2 years before quitting.

    I started with seps in mind (Nute, Dooku, geonosians) and will transition to geonosians, and finally to Padme team.

    I am looking for an active guild to help me, especially with GK for the padme team.

    I will be happy to receive any offers! Thank you for attention.

    My ally code is 362-568-342
  • GBeskow
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    Found a guild. Thanks for all the invites.
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  • Blackjak
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    Hello :) I am ready to leave my starter guild, Im lvl 48, with the full Phoenix Squadron already farmed, finishing galatic wars every day, playing every day ! Im doing free to play to keep it challenging so I need a good guild to help me farm more characters!

    Im 29 years old, from Argentina, big star wars fan.

    Username: Blackjak.
    Arena rank #1819

    Phoenix squadron, and farming empire squad to kick jedi ****.

    51k Galactic power

    Account two weeks old.

    Found a guild! THX
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  • Hello there,
    Looking for a starter guild, especially if is really low level but active.

    Player level 42
    Gp: 20k
    3/4* characters (+/- 15)
    Arena rank 300

    No alt guild looking for ticket

  • JoeS007
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    EDIT: have now found a guild, thank you to anyone who got in touch!
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  • SithSynergy
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    Thanks for all the invites...lot's of great guilds out there! I found my new home.
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  • Rogue332
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    thanks for the considerations all.
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  • AdmiralStark
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    Level 68 and climbing

    Started with Phoenix Squad and have them at 6*, should be 7* in a few weeks.

    Also have a decent Empire squad, Palpatine (L), Vader, Thrawn, Tarkin, TFP.

    Ally Code: 321-633-976

    Arena Rank Avg: 2400 or so

    Galactic Power: 182k

    I finish all daily objectives every day.

    Looking for a very active guild with lots of raids and opportunities to get lots of raid rewards.

    I donate as much gear as I can.
  • gruidz
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    Hey everyone. I restarted my account about a week ago and I'm moving up fast. Nothing special, but like I said, I'm just starting over. 600 a day. I'm looking for a guild so that I can progress in the game faster. Here's some stats based on the template above:

    Ally-Code: 539-691-124
    Galactic Power:18K
    Player Level: 39
    Average Arena Rank: 2000 squad, and moving up
    Type of Play: F2P
    Time-zone: EST, USA

    Looking for a guild I can grow with and stay with for a long time that is ok with helping someone out. Thanks, have fun!
  • BatFurength
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    I'm an everyday player looking for a strong, active guild that values camaraderie as much as competitiveness.
    Ally-Code: 565-155-712
    Link to
    Galactic Power: a bit fluffy 3.8 million
    Character/Ship GP: 2.3/1.5 million
    Average Arena Rank: 984/90
    Type of Play: Mostly F2P (<$50/year)
    Time-zone: NA Central (UTC-5/6)

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  • ULTranum wrote: »
    I'm looking for a guild doing L/D geo TBs. Being able to max out on HOTH LS would be nice once in a while. Also looking for raid times being in the evening 8pm PST or later.
    Starting to focus on GL Kylo. I use discord, I'm very active and you don't ever need to remind me for tickets.
    let me know if you have any questions-pm me here on in game.

    Have you found a home yet buddy?? We at Order GMT are a 190m guild 26* darkside 10*lightside geo TB and have a small alliance where our other guild Rise of the Demans is 175m getting 43 lightside hoth 22 darkside geo. The let me know if interested
  • Vendi1983
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    Thread is for people looking for guilds. PM the person posting.

    3.6m GP

    Looking for a high end guild running Geo TB's and with Asian timezone friendly raid times.

    Closing in on GLKylo, need about another 6-8 weeks (mostly for ships). Already got GAS. Competitive player. Top 20 squad, 1st fleet.

    Please dont pm me if your raids are not Asian timezone friendly. Thanks!
  • Stormtrooperbane
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    GUILD FOUND, thank you

    Hello, I’m looking for a new guild mostly because my current one is full of pay to play players, which I do not do. I do not have any of the new special characters (new Rey, Kylo, General Skywalker, Jedi Knight Luke). I do have a few relics on some characters, my highest is 3 on Darth Vader, JTR, CLS, and Finn. I do not like being pressured into 600 guild tickets daily because again, I don’t pay to play. I usually average around 530 a day. I am currently waiting until the current territory war is over with my current guild, PLEASE GIVE ME A DAY TO RESPOND.

    My galactic power: 5,218,553
    Arena rank: 436
    Fleet rank: 431
    Ally code: 672-883-129
    Character name: Snips

    I do have Discord and I do play the game everyday. I’d prefer a guild with others who also don’t pay to play since I feel it’s more fair to the guild as a whole. I actively participate in guild activities like raids and territory wars.

  • Eric5
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    guild found
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  • Ally code 112 355 348
    Have all leg toons apart from JKL. 150 shards away from Rey.
    Looking for a guild with min of 30 stars in ds geo. Looking for a british guild for raid times.
    Let me know what else you'll want to know.
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    Guild found. Thanks for all of the responses!
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  • DEM_76
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    Thanks all.

    Looking for an european based guild communicating in swedish and/or english. Needs to be active with members that understand the importance of following instructions set by leaders.
    I'm currently in a quite strong guild that unfortunately has too many semi active members not following instructions set in TB:s and TW:s.

    I need the new guild to be at least as strong:
    Minimum 190M GP, full heroic and do both geos TB:s with at least 21/10 stars, getting 20+ Wat shards.
    Don't want to loose out on rewards ;)

    This is me: (fairly new account, it took me a while before I signed up to one)

    Ally code: 325-617-913
    GP: 3.36M
    16 relics, 21 gear lvl 12, 13 gear lvl 11 ...
    SA: top 100
    FA: top 50 (will soon have the Malevolence)

    Mostly FTP but I go small dolphin from time to time.
    I have several of the important characters (Revan, Drevan, Malak, Padme, Traya, Geos ...) and I'm currently working on getting more characters up to gear lvl 12 ...
    I'm very active, always get my 600, always participate in guild activities and follow instructions.

    Please contact me in game.
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  • Kullboy94
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    Found a new guild. Thank You!

    Hello, looking for an active guild. I participate in all guild events and i play daily. I get max tickets every day. Last guild everybody left so i don't get many raids. F2P user. Currently working for gen skywalker and JKR

    Ally Code: 849-888-481
    Galactic Power: 860k
    Character/Ship GP: 550k/310k
    Player Level: 85
    Number of 7*: 21
    Number of 6*: 10
    Number of 5*: 17
    Average Arena Rank: 1300
    Time-zone: GMT -7
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  • LordofLothal
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    Update: guild found

    Daily, but F2P, player. Looking for an active guild; preferably in my time zone.

    Ally-Code: 199-493-888

    Galactic Power: 3.6 mil

    Character/Ship GP: 2.0 mil / 1.6 mil

    Player level: 85

    # of 7*: 113, 9 G13, 22 G12, 13 G11

    # of 6*: 13

    # of 5*: 14

    Avg. Arena Rank: 454

    Type; F2P

    Time-Zone: US-Eastern (GMT-4)
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  • Gib
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    Looking for a guild with regular heroic raids, geonosian raids, TB with high turnout.

    Ally-Code: 589-111-794
    Link to
    Galactic Power: 3,041,882
    Character/Ship GP: 1,822,795/1,219,087
    Player Level: 85
    Number of 7*: 106
    G13: 11
    G12: 34
    Average Arena Rank: 289
    Average Fleet Rank: 67
    Type of Play: F2P
    Time-zone: GMT
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  • Cykotik
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    Guild found... thank you!

    Looking for a new guild...
    Ally code: 583-275-744

    Galactic power: 4.3 mil
    Characters 2.7
    Ships 1.6

    7* 152
    G13 17
    G12 39

    I have discord and line. Looking for an active squad looking for one that’s active in GEO TB with adults. Please send me a message in game.

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