Newer Player Guilds Looking For Players - May 2020 ***READ RULES IN FIRST POST***

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If you are a NEWER PLAYER guild looking for players, post your ads here. A New Player guild is one that:
Is looking for players who are newer to the gamer
Should not really have minimum player level/GP and character requirements

No player advertisements. This thread is for guild advertisements only.

Do not reply to advertisements here. Instead, send a private message to the poster/guild recruiter or join their recruitment channel if they have one.

Do not post anything that is not a guild advertisement. This means no "I sent you a PM" or anything like that. This includes telling people not to post here. If you see such a post, flag it as "Other" or "Spam" and a mod will remove it.

Do not post personal contact information, such as chat IDs or email addresses, here. That information should only be handed out through private messages. Links to third-party chat servers/channels are OK.

Feel free to update your ad as often as you like to include relevant information, such as answers to frequently asked questions, current recruitment status, the size of your waitlist, more awesomeness, etc.

One ad per guild.


How you sell your guild is up to you but please try to keep it to a reasonable length. Some basic information you should include is:
Your guild name
Forum usernames of your guild recruiters
Link to your guild's recruitment chat server/channel, if applicable (Discord, Line, etc)
Your guild's reset time, preferably in terms of UTC or GMT offset (UTC 11:30, GMT -06:00, etc)
What tier of raids your guild completes and how often
How well your guild does at Territory Battles and Territory Wars
Anything else you feel is important for people to know
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  • Darthducky
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    Hey everyone! Let me introduce Malevolence Omega Padawans!

    We are a growing guild looking for active players of all shapes and sizes. This guild currently is targeted towards new players, hyper drive bundle players and alts of experienced players who want to grow with each other. We want to have active players that want to grow together. As part of a larger alliance, there are many experienced players that can help answer questions, give you ally codes to clear battles easier and put you on a path for your best experience in swgoh.

    We are running heroics on a regular basis, but we just need more people to generate tickets! We'd love to have you join if you're interested in hanging out with a fun, friendly group of people!

    Message me through discord Darthducky#5397 or in game at 114-618-128 if you have any questions. Or join or discord directly with the link below if you’re interested. Looking forward to having you!
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  • ShadeSlayerrrrr
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    Hello everyone, ZEREX here.
    Army of RepublicZ is looking for new members.
    Have just created this alt account and guild to help out all new players out there.
    Currently have several spots open and are looking to fill them.
    Players of any level are welcome.
    We are planning to have have at least one raid going at any time.
    Heroic Pit at least once a week when active members are above 30.
    Planning to start up a discord server too once we have atleast 20 members.
    If you are interested my ally code is 788-121-113 with the username NecGuide.
    Ping me up!
  • Zintare
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    Galactic Republic of Dragons
    GP 37 Mil
    We are looking for newer players, minimum 4 stars, preferred at least one 7 star.
    Currently running:
    HPit and HAAT
    STR Tier 4, hoping to jump to 5 soon.

    All we currently ask is for participation in TB and TW along with getting tickets for raids.

    Send me a message or you can contact me on discord Alonican#9792

    Hope to hear from you soon.
  • Looking to merge or for individual players:

    Us: 36 members, 144 mill power, most members are 4mill+, all active daily and looking for a guild to merge with. Very laid back, no discord, friendly group of long time players, all raids done easily all the time, geo’s LS 9*’s/DS 13*’s, hoth’s nbd but done from time to time depending on guild vote.

    You: Chill and serious/ready to play, we’d obviously like to see decent galactic powers (2-5 mill) but not required. Send us a request and let’s get it going. Send requests to ally code 342-411-298

    Happy 4th!
  • Hello there! We are Covenant øf the Force, sister guild to Covenant of the Force.
    We're a casual guild that was created to help guide newer players, but anyone of any gp looking for a more relaxed and/or learning environment is welcomed.
    Currently accepting small groups of up to 10 players as well.

    What we offer:
    ->opportunity to do Heroic sith raid (with the help of mercs)
    ->Friendly environment for everyone to grow
    ->End game players with in depth knowledge about the game to help guide beginners
    ->HAAT, HPIT
    ->Alternating between t5 and t7 sith raid [with the help of mercs]
    ->Hoth TB: 19* dstb, 21* lstb
    ->High TW win ratio
    ->Light organization for TB and TW
    ->Raid times rotating between 10 am pst and 5 pm pst

    What we want from you:

    ->Participate (TW,TB, etc) as much as you can. Real life always comes first, but no leeches will be allowed either. profile not required, but highly encouraged.

    Our gg: øf the Force

    Send us a dm on Discord at GeneralZod#5218 or Mandalore_The_Legendary#1671
    Discord server:
  • The_Dog
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    Hello all,

    Join the BlazedJawas if you are a BAMF looking for a guild. Doesn’t matter your gp. We accept all. I am 2.5 mil gp and we even have a newbie. We like to joke, so don’t join if you get upset by people talking **** in the chat.
    We will be running Hsith with mercs once we get around 20 members.
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  • Serenity club - a new guild looking for new players to grow with, join today to enter the territory battle!Active daily No requirements no minimum gp don’t be afraid to add me ! May the force be with y’all
  • Hey Everyone!
    I have recently opened a brand new Guild looking for active players and willing to contribute to their guild. If you are interested, the Guild is called, 98th Attack Battalion. Here are the requirements,

    • Any Level is welcome to join the guild

    I know that this guild is small with only 1/50, but if people join i promise it will be a successful guild. If you are interested, please either join the guild by searching the name up, or contact me on discord at Boda#4936.

    Have a wonderful day!
  • Bohdi
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    Hello all,

    I recently started a guild for newer players that want to start gaining rewards at a pretty quick pace with my alternate account.

    We are looking for members, ANYONE is welcome, to have some fun and grow your GP.

    Guild name: Tribal Resurrection. We have 9 members and already around 2.5 GP, so we have a very strong foundation!

    If you would like to join please do so by looking up the guild name. I look forward to seeing you on the holotables!

    Thank you
  • Xariel7
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    Hello everyone, Xariel here.
    All is one One is All is looking for new members.
    We are a brand new independent guild with five people.
    Will take players of any level we just ask that you are active.
    Looking to grow as a guild and help others grow.
    We are capable of Heroic Pit and are working to clear others.
    Guild GP 3,260,272
    If you are interested my ally code is 757-546-939
  • Hey Everyone!

    I am new to the game, and have recently opened a new player friendly Guild, where we are looking for active players and willing to contribute to their guild.

    We want to create a guild where we are all active and contribute to create a fun guild community so we can complete raids, territory wars and territory battles. Anyone can join so please, If you are interested the Guild is called First Danish Order.

    • Any and all levels are welcome to join the guild, thought most of us are level 50 right now.
    * You are expected to be active, that is login every day. (Breaks are fine, if notice is given)
    * We are considering whether to use Danish/Swedish/Norwegian as a common language, but the current thinking is that we won't be able to gather enough, so working language is English. Speaking a Scandi-language is a plus, though.

    If you are interested, please either join the guild by searching the name up, send me a friend request (847-589-982).
  • Hey boys I just opened an guild for all levels and I need people it’s just me as of the time of this post but I think it’s a good place for new people to grow their player index and gp the guild is called the No no square. Have fun!
  • MasterTyberious
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  • ThePathOfTheGray

    We are an active guild but reasonable and understand people have lives. We are on every day and only ask that you get on at least once a week. We are a very new guild. We played the game back when it was first released then took a little break. Our old accounts were lost and so we can’t get into our old guild we created. Our primary goal is farming raids! We are looking for new members that want to build with a guild and experienced players that want to help out a young guild with young members. Plus you get to brag about being the best in a guild.

    We are currently at 2/50 members. The guild was created on May 19, 2020.

    All raids are FFA, and open to as much dmg as you can rack up. Once we have a good amount of members we will set specific raid times!

    No minimum to join we truly appreciate anyone that joins and wants to help.

    If we can’t break 25 member in a month then will prolly move on and just accept the failure.

    My ally code is: 255-197-875
  • Xariel7
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    All is One One is All is looking for new members.
    We are a brand new independent guild looking for more people.
    Will take players of any level we just ask that you are active.
    Looking to grow as a guild and help others grow.
    We are capable of Heroic Pit and are working to clear others.
    Guild GP 5,260,272
    My user name is Xariel
    If you are interested my ally code is 757-546-939
    We have a discord but it is not required

  • BoogieSenpai
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    Way Of the Foundry

    Helping our fellow clanmates is The Way.

    Boogie Senpai / In-game
    BoogieSenpai / Forums

    We are expecting maximum participation since we are limited, but will gladly assist anyone in need of tips and advice.

    Preferred lvl is 65+, however anyone can join. Kicks will only take effect if you do not play for 7 days. If other plans come up please let us know.

    If you are rank hunting, Officers are appointed on a clan-need basis
  • Force Arise is a new guild formed.due to an inactive leader.
    With growing numbers we are a combination of 85s and levelling people.

    Guild GP currently at 24mil
    Only 31 people
    Light side TB got 13 stars in our first effort
    We do Pit raid and Tank on heroic as well as low raid for the levelling people

    All we ask is stay active and do as many raid tickets as possible

    Ally Code 421 538 974
    Guild set to open for now

    WookiesAndMilk is currently a 17m GP guild after merging with a sister guild. As our top players are fighting LS Geo, WAM is looking to take in new players to train up. All players GP 0+ are welcome, and we still beat heroic raids even with our diminished size!

    Since WAM has existed for over half a decade, we are working hard to continue our legacy of producing strong players, winning TW consistently, and making sure we all having fun doing so. Are you ready to play with some amazing leaders and members of our community? Sister guild to 210m GP Nebits Scrapyard, we want you to join!
  • A Menacing Hope is looking to merge. We are part of an alliance w/160 mil. guild, so theres opportunity for advancement. Looking for any players Lv long as you are active. Doing all raids t5 and up. Experienced leadership. Undefeated in tws. Currently 10 mil gp, 16/50 after kicking inactives and promotions to our other guild. If interested contact Minion of Mustafar 436-847-939
  • Thrawns in ****,
    the growth guild for greedo's in speedo's is now recruiting. We are pretty laid back but looking for daily active players only. Minimum Join level is 80+ but no minimum GP. Lurkers and lowbie/newbies are welcome, just help us out in TB and TW and stay active. We are at 52 mill GP and very active and helpful to our guildies. Currently Raiding Sith 6, HPIT, and HAAT on rotation with a 24 hour join periods. Move up to the main guild is available at 3.5 mill gp provided there is a space open. Come hang out with your **** out (or lady parts) and help us all grow together! We have a few spaces left but if you go to join and we are full just DM me, ally code is 486-928-956, name is Stinky Pinky
  • Admiral_Wookie94
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    New Guild starting Këssël Runners

    Hey new guild looking for active player wanting to have fun, all levels and GP's welcome.
    Need some more people to start raids and wars willing to help new comers grow currently 5 members sitting at 12mil GP
    Looking to take in new players to help them build

    SWGOH - Link

    Discord -
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  • MasterTyberious
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    Galactic Power - 24,400,000
    Members - 48/50
    Guild Recruiters - MasterTyberious (Ally Code: 435-585-828)
    Discord - Tyberious#9361 (Optional)
    Guild Reset Time - PST 6:30pm
    Raid Tiers - HPIT, SITH 5*, AAT 6*
    Territory Wars - 3-1

    If you are interested, reach out to me via Discord or In Game Chat! I look forward to gaming with you!
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  • CT Bad Batch 99 needs you!!!

    Leveling guild looking for active players. We are experienced players who have rolled a 2nd account and are leveling up the old fashioned way for a concentrated roster!

    This guild is great for:
    -New players who are leveling and looking for guidance from experienced players
    -Experienced players who are just re-rolling and wanting to play with a group that ultimately wants to be competitive.

    We are not currently 85, and will be doing level appropriate content. We understand real life comes first- we are adults. We ask that you get your raid tickets daily so that we can all progress- but if life happens- just let us know!

    You can hit me up in game at: 453-951-289 Or on discord at Shade#9848

    We are not currently using discord- come one come all- The Galactic Republic needs you!
  • Join Disciples of Bendu Today!

    We are a new guild set to hit the ground running. We have put in the time to build our raid tickets so that we can launch all raids without delay. We are currently open to join but are requesting that you have a GP of 2M in order to qualify for Geo TB. Our goal is to be full by the start of the next Geo TB. Feel free to look us up and join.

    HPIT & HAAT 24 Hour Join 1AM UTC
    STR TBD By Guild Ability

    What we would like from members:

    500 Tickets Daily
    Territory Battle Participation Is Needed
    Territory War Is Voluntary But Appreciated
    No Mandatory Character Farms
    No Discord Needed
    Currently Open to Join
    (Search “Disciples of Bendu”)

    Message me in game if you have questions.
  • JarJarDrinks
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    UK based guild is actively seeking players of all experiences and levels.

    If you're new to the game, or fancy a change of pace to that you are currently used to, then Aunt Beru's Milkshake Parlour could be the place for you!

    The Parlour currently has a good mix of experienced casual players and players newer to the game, and in-game interaction is prominent between members.

    The guild is a just shy of a year old and currently has ~55m GP from 42 members so far, so we're on the lookout for new recruits.

    Currently running hPit & HAAT, with Tier 5 Sith.

    We alternate hPit between free-for-all and then with restrictions to allow newer players more opportunity to participate and earn better rewards. Pit is currently auto launched at 15:00 GMT/BST with a 24 hour join window.

    HAAT is always free-for-all, as is Sith Raid - Both raids are auto launched at 20:00 GMT/BST with a 24 hour join window.

    Only 1 defeat in 20+ Territory Wars, and hit 21* on both Dark Side & Light Side Hoth Territory Battles.

    We ask that members be as active as their every day life permits, and do not have any requirements regarding tickets, though obviously, the more tickets generated, the more raids initiated and more rewards gained.

    We do perform monthly activity checks, and will perform inactivity purges for members who have been inactive for 20+ consecutive days at the time of check.

    The guild comes with it's own Discord server. Though Discord is not mandatory, it is encouraged that players join to create the community feeling that all guilds need to progress.

    Please feel free to DM me on here, or visit our Discord server and leave a message there. - Aunt Beru's Milkshake Parlour

    Discord -
  • I am looking to build a guild from the very bottom, noobs to meta creators. I don't like just reading about strats I like to experiment and collaborate I seek the pioneer types. I want to start the guild off green so we have no know it alls amongst us. everyones opinion and learning curve counts and is all part of the learning experience and journey. Our guild will not just allow members to lead and coordinate a round of territory war but we encourage it, as we believe in strengthening coordination and demonstrating it's importance for success. Veterans are welcome however your galactic power will only be seen as a bonus as we truly value teammates for there Team work and attitude. We are Pacific time in North America and are only 2 members currently. We are humble and would be honoured to welcome you into the (harborage). My Allie code is 388-947-831 my gamer tag is esoulvia.
  • Hey guys, we really want a guild to come into our guild to merge. We will give your leader a officer position and some of his officers. Our guild is called Knights Of The Sith. Please message me if interested. My ally code is 988-598-961. Everyone is welcome to join :) Thank you.
  • Hibarigaoka_2
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