Newer Player Guilds Looking For Players - May 2020 ***READ RULES IN FIRST POST***



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    Rebel Banter is looking for an active member!!! We are a friendly UK based guild. Guild reset time is 19:30 UTC, 15:30 EDT. Raids start 30 minutes after the reset time. We make around 22-24k tickets per day and we do all Heroic raids.
    - 49/50 members at 116m GP
    - 38* last DS Hoth Territory Battle
    - 34* last LS Hoth Territory Battle
    - 10* last DS Geo Territory Battle
    - Currently 61-8 in TWs
    - 16 Flawless Victories total
    Send a pm here or contact me in game at 488-844-648

    Even though we don't have a minimum GP requirement, we would like you to have at least one 7* character to get raid rewards
  • Are you a new player, wanting to grow in a friendly environment, dedicated to helping you grow? Then come join Execute Order 141. We'll help you build GP, get those raid exclusive characters and have a good time.

    We'll run whichever tier raids suit you best till you can join heroic raids.

    Feel free to jump in, or by all means message me here if you have any other questions
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    Grand Army of Nerf Herders 35m GP, UK (GMT) based guild are recruiting now

    We have no minimum requirements, all players of any experience are welcome.
    We have a wide range of players and experience already and have the resources to help new players grow with us.
    All we ask is play daily to generate raid tickets and take part in guild events as much as possible.
    We currently run heroic Rancor and heroic AAT raids so are earning both Han Solo and General Kenobi shards. Sith Triumvirate raid is currently tier 6 but we are in discussions to bring in mercs so will be earning Traya shards soon.
    We are in the process of getting people signed up to discord at the moment although this is not mandatory.

    Guild can be seen here:

    If you are interested and/or have questions about our guild, please DM on Discord (C Machine5#7608)
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  • Execute Order 141

    we are a new guild. we have about 9 members at the moment. about half of us are above 3 mil gp. the rest are new players. we only require 500 or more in raid tickets and participation as much as possible
    ally code 151-188-971
  • We have newer members and some old members to help us complete some of the tougher raids. Our guild is called Knights Of The Siths. We love to do raids, we just completed a raids and is about to do a sith raid. Message me on discord DeathWatch#3356 or message the leader in the game his ally code is 315-592-536 hope to see you guys soon.
  • Hello there! We are Covenant øf the Force, sister guild to Covenant of the Force.
    We're a casual guild that was created to help guide newer players, but anyone of any gp looking for a more relaxed and/or learning environment is welcomed.

    What our guild currently has:
    ->HAAT, HPIT, and HSTR (with mercs)
    ->Raid times rotating between 10 am pst and 5 pm pst
    ->Friendly environment for everyone to grow
    ->End game players with in depth knowledge about the game to help guide beginners
    ->Resources to help newer players farm, mod, and more.
    ->Light organization for TB and TW
    ->Hoth TB: 21* dstb, 22* lstb
    ->Excellent TW record

    What our guild asks from its members:

    ->Participate (TW,TB, etc) as much as you can. Real life always comes first, but no leeches will be allowed either. profile not required, but highly encouraged.

    Send us a dm on Discord at GeneralZod#5218 or Mandalore_The_Legendary#1671
    Discord server: øf the Force
  • Hello! I am an Officer of the Midichlorian Force WieldersP Guild, a fun & fair Guild looking to add members who have 750k GP or less. This is a Jr. Guild designed to maximize rewards for newer players. Once a member has more than 750k GP they can join our Sr. Guild, Midichlorian Force Wielders. This Jr. Guild just broke off from the main guild, so it is still small, but the alliance we have is strong. Some details:

    No level requirements

    No toon requirements

    Raids happen regularly, with appropriate levels for members

    No raid ticket requirements, although we like it if you are relatively active (more tickets = more raids)

    Try to be active in the raids and events if possible

    If you are inactive for a week you will be removed but this is basically the only rule

    Check us out, we're a good group, with a strong core of dedicated players. message me in-game, ally code: 288-789-184 or on discord Mistah_Smit#1184 Have fun!
  • We are called Brotherhood of Harris ( We are a small, chilled guild with 22M GP. We are looking for members to take the guild to the next level. We presently have a solid base of members who contribute tickets daily. We regularly hit six stars AAT as well as five to six stars Sith Raid. We open our Rancor raid to members new to the game (with characters between level 65 to 80) so they can learn, grow and acquire needed gear (we occasionally run the Heroic version for those needing Han Solo shards).

    We have space for 15 to 20 members. We would mind a whale if he or she is interested (we already have one or two). My ally code is 719-391-327. Or you can check me out at
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    DV_Madcat wrote: »
    Execute Order 141

    we are a new guild. we have about 9 members at the moment. about half of us are above 3 mil gp. the rest are new players. we only require 500 or more in raid tickets and participation as much as possible
    ally code 151-188-971
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  • Old player NEW Guild:

    Guild: Cheeks

    Rules: have fun!

    Starting a new casual guild ALL players welcome. CHEEKS!

    Ally CODE: 486-964-147
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