Galactic Legend Rey [Lend Your Hero Code]

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Greetings Holo Tables Veterans and Novices,

Have you unlocked Galactic Legend Rey and looking to share your vast knowledge of this Resistance hero with the community?

Are you a newer player who would like to borrow a really strong Galactic Legend Rey to use on the Light Side, Cantina, Mod Battle or challenge holo-tables?

Are you an older player who did not unlock Galactic Legend Rey but want to test her out?

Here, veteran players with Galactic Legend Rey can post their ally codes, allowing players who do not have Galactic Legend Rey to become allies with them and borrow her!


Then Lend your hero by the following rules:
> Post your ally code if your willing to share your Galactic Legend Rey with the community!
> What tables you have the lead set
> No additional text or the post will be edited/removed


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