ANZAC Coalition looking for new members multiple guild opening

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The ANZAC Coalition is a tight knit coalition of 9 guilds with a strong common culture and sense of identity. We are currently looking for active players with a similar culture, camaraderie, and identity to us, to join our guilds. Players of all GP are welcome.

We are fully focused on the new challenge of the Geonosis DSTB/LSTB Now is a great time to join and be a part of our journey.

Coalition guilds
ANZAC Spirit 220m 47/50 looking for 3x 4.5m+ daily active players before next dstb.
ANZAC Galactic 217m 49/50 looking for 6x 3m daily active players
ANZAC Battalion 170m 48/50 Looking for 2x2.5m daily player
ANZAC Honor Guard 168m 44/50
ANZAC Imperials 139m 50/50
ANZAC Skwalking 125M 44/50 Looking for 6 new daily active members no restrictions for joining.
ANZAC Skwalking b 43/50 looking for up to 7 new members no restrictions for joining.
ANZAC Vanguard starter guild currently on hold.
ANZAC Horizons 100m 50/50

All guilds are fully heroic.

About us
All 9 guilds are active, coordinated (particularly for TW, TB, and HSTR), and have strong leadership. The Coalition shares a common Discord server, and members flexibly and seamlessly transfer between guilds as necessary/desired to provide support, gain extra shards, and the like. This coordination and united approach underpins everything we do and has been vital to our success both on Discord and in-game.

Our members are predominantly Australian, with also a substantial minority of NZ, U.S. and EU based members. Our raid times cater to all members' time zones.

We consider ourselves 'semi-competitive', meaning that we strive for end game content, coordinate ourselves like a competitive guild, but allow flexibility to cater for our members' real life commitments. Simply put, we will not remove you from a guild for reasons such as failing to make your minimum ticket requirements for a day. Our members are friends not numbers, and are infinitely more valuable to us than simply as ticket generators.

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