BUG: No attack commands in Fleet battle: 2 days in a row wasted my best fleet in DS Geo TB. Bad! X(

Anyone else getting this problem frequently? It's happened to me many times before and now two day in a row.

I go into DS Geonosis Fleet combat mission with my Thrawn/Bossk team. This is normally a very easy win, but I have no attack commands and the TM is frozen. The ships are just bobbing up and down, but there's no way to attack. Changing targets doesn't work, selecting Auto Battle doesn't work, swearing at it doesn't work. I'm out of ideas...

I thought this issue has been "fixed" multiple times?!!


  • Kyno
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    The last fix they stated they had an eye on what was causing the majority of them. They stated it was not 100%. which is why its important that these reports make it to the correct place.

    Please report this to Answers HQ
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