Level 56 player here, need some directions

I'm looking for advice as i am a little lost. I am a bit less than a month in the game, currently level 56, I started farming the basic team, then tried with an empire team as i unlocked Vader. I liked Daka, Kylo Unmasked, Dooku and Asajj a lot, so i farmed them and I am a little stuck since i can't find any synergy. My main team now is Vader, Daka, Asajj, Talia, Tarkin for debuffs / Phasma / Kylo Unmasked. I am tempted to start over since i didn't farm Phoenix in the beginning and i'm suffering the consequences now. Should I go for a Separatists squad? Should i farm Nighstisters? Any advice on specific characters to farm in order to build some synergy is appreciated. https://swgoh.gg/p/118919173/characters/

EDIT: 76/80 Nute shards, i'm unlocking him today. And i just unlocked Poggle.


  • ir21tiny
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    Don't start over. I only have a couple of Pheonix characters and I'm doing just fine at level 85. I went for Jedi and Separatists. Now I have an insane Padme team. I would work for Bastilla Shan to make a Jedi team with Ezra, Old Ben Jedi Knight Anikan, and Ashoka Tano. This team will get you far in the arena and it will get you Yoda. Then go for Separatists with Nute, Count Dooku, Asajj, Magma, and B2. Going for Jedi helps you get through the easy Yoda event and Yoda is very good. Farming up Stormtrooper Han, Farmboy Luke, Princess Leia, R2 D2, and Old Ben gets you CLS as well. The best advice I can give you is to go after one team like Jedi, Pheonix, or Sept. Good luck to you.

    Here is my roster. You can see the only Pheonix character I have geared up is Ezra


    On youtube look up videos about Bastilla Shan Jedi (without JNR) teams and Nute teams. I saw you have Jango Fett. He is very good but very hard to farm. So maybe consider not farming him for Padme event.
  • Thank you for this! Very much appreciated and helpful. I will start farming Bastila and the Jedi team then, focusing on Bastila, Ahsoka, Old Ben and Anakin Jedi Knight. Meanwhile, i'll try to keep the separatist squad at a decent level.

    Thanks for the Jango Fett advice. I got lucky and got him in a bronzium pack, never been able to farm him though.
  • ir21tiny
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    No problem. If you want some practice with Bastilla or Padme as a leader, I can give you my ally code. Also, read into Bastillas kit and Yodas kit. The reason those two are so good early on is that you give the buffs from her Rally ability to Yoda and you use his Battle Meditation to give it to the whole team.
  • Sounds great. Yeah, if I may ask for you ally code it would be very useful. I would give you a gold if we were on reddit :D
  • Thanks this also can help others with the same problem, like me!
  • ir21tiny
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    Ally code: 627 992 252

    You can use this code to message me in-game.

    Me forums name is my in-game name
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    exactly what @ir21tiny said. focus on Padme team and separatist team. Ahsoka, Anakin, Yoda can be acquired pretty early. start building team with Bastilla lead, ahsoka, yoda, anakin/ezra/kanan (anakin a bit longer to farm). when you got kenobi later on you can swap kanan/ezra with kenobi.

    Also farm geonosians, with 5 geos you can get Padme. And with farming anakin, ahsoka and geos you will get decent fleet team under ackbar.

    My current acount https://swgoh.gg/p/848692196/characters/
    and I just started another account and try to focus on separatist and getting Padme.
  • Thank you all for the great tips. Based on what you suggested, my main goals now will be, ordered by priority:

    1. Getting a 5* Jedi team in order to get Yoda. Also based on the shards i already have, i'm thinking Bastila (Hard Nodes), Ezra (Cantina), Luminara (Galactic war), Ahsoka (Hard Nodes + Cantina tokens), Jedi Consular - temporarily. Two healers would probably be weird, so I will replace Luminara/Jedi Consular with Anakin as soon as i can.
    2. Meanwhile, farm Separatists. I already have a decent Nute, Asajj and Dooku. I will start gearing up Poggle and Geo soldier, currently level 1.
    3. Farm Geos in order to get Padme.
    4. Repeat step 0 (feel lost and ask for help again here)
  • Overboss
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    You don't need Geos to get Padme.
    Your other seps should be able to handle it.
    Especially if you have Grievous by then.
  • Great. Will reach step 4 sooner, then :D
  • ir21tiny
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    I tried to use poggle to get Padme but then I switched to B2 and its easier. He dispels thier protection up.
  • ir21tiny
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    Also, Nute needs the omega on his leadership.
  • PaalAboy
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    UPDATE: Reached lvl 68, and unlocked 5* Yoda today! B)
    I geared him up to g7, he fits perfectly in my Bastila - Yoda - Ahsoka - Ezra - Jedi Consular team. Now i'm farming JK Anakin (32/80 right now, pretty tough farm) in order to replace JC asap, i definitely need more firepower in that jedi team. I switched my Arena team to Jedi, too. Previously, I was using Nute - Dooku - Asajj - Old Daka - Vader, pretty strong team but i feel my Jedi one now works better.

    Now i basically have two options: go straight and farm all my Jedi up to 7* in order to get 7* Yoda, or focus on something else. My original plan was to focus on Separatists, but i realize now that if I do so, my Jedi team would become useless in a short time (maybe useful just for GW... I already can auto it all the way through with my Jedi team). At the same time, i think that getting all the Separatists to 7* would be a medium-long term objective.

    Where can i go now, in order not to waste all the effort I spent on my Jedi team? Focus on them and get them up to 7*? Farm Phoenix to unlock Palp and Thrawn? Go Nighstisters? Again, my profile https://swgoh.gg/p/118919173/characters/

    Thank you so much for your help!

    (And a huge THANK YOU to you ir21tiny, your Padme and Boba helped me more than you think!)

    EDIT: i'm having a really hard time in fleets. So maybe a solution that can help me in fleet too would be very much appreciated.
  • Waqui
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    If you wish to continue using jedi in squad arena you should farm Jolee and Old Ben as well. Old Ben for tanking until you get Kenobi and Jolee for the mass revive. Along with Bastilla and 2 attackers, you will have a strong team.

    Furthermore, Jolee will be required to unlock another great jedi, Jedi Knight Revan, and Old Ben will be required to unlock Commander Luke.
  • Any number of ways to go that can be fun but separatists to Padme is a good choice. At this point in time Padme is probably the strongest all around squad that can be reached reasonably quickly. Unlocks at only 5* as well which is nice.

    While Padme can be unlocked with any combinations of seps I tend to suggest Geos being the focus for early stage players as Geos form a very nice fleet. About the strongest fleet around prior to getting into the top end meta fleets.

    And don't worry too much about wasting your effort on your Jedi. This is a game where unless you are big spender you plan you farms out by months. If you want to take your Jedi to 7* go ahead. If you stick with it you will end up with dozens of 7* characters. And many of them will see regular use in different modes like Grand Arena, Territory War, Territory Battle etc.

  • If it’s any consolation, I only have Thrawn at G8 5 stars. I could really care less about Phoenix. I hated Rebels and their character kits absolutely suck.

    Keep grinding on their factions like FO and Nightsisters. They all have really good uses later in the game. Geos are really nice to have too
  • Jolee farm sucks. Jolee is a great character, but he needs a zeta and takes a lot of resources. I would go for the following, Geo spy, Geo soldier, Nute, Count Dooku, and Sun Fac. This will help get you Padme and some good ships. Those characters are Sept, which are needed for the Padme Event. The Geo's will also get you some nice ships. They are easy to farm in the fleet store and galactic war store. I would also farm old ben and Jedi Knight Anikan.

    It is your choice to continue with Jedi or move to Sept. I would keep with Jedi until you get Yoda to 7 stars. His event is very easy compared to others.

    I'm happy that I've been helpful

  • My suggestion is to go focus all resources for Seppies and put the Jedi down for a while (you haven't put a lot of resources in them yet anyway). The reason for this is that for a good Jedi team JKR is pretty much a must, but I don't think you'll be going in that direction. (the required toons are Bastila, Jolee, Mission, Zaalbar, T3-M4)
    You're much more closer to Padme. Besides, personally I think Padme is slightly better. As for how exactly to farm Seppies, read @ir21tiny's post and give him a like. He's giving some very valuable advice.
    For Yoda, I have another suggestion. After you get Padme, you'll automatically transfer to a Galactic Republic squad. That means you'll farm Anakin and Ahsoka, that's 2 Jedi. Anakin and Ahsoka are also top pilots, so you want the Galactic Republic fleet as well. Mace has a GR capital ship and you'll use him before you get the Negotiator; and Plo Koon has one of the best sihps. That's your third and fourth Jedi. Finally, top it up with Bastila, and you have Yoda to seven stars. This way you'll have a meta fleet as well. But of course, do this after you get Padme. You're using Yoda in your Padme team,not in your Seppie one.
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    Are you in a guild?

    General Kenobi is the best tank from the GR faction. So if you are in a friendly guild that can clear out Heroic ATT in 20-30 minutes, and with just one 7star toon, you can get GK shards.

    So a team of Padme with Ashoka, JK Anakin, GM Yoda would need a beefy taunting tank to absorb attacks to make that team extra annoying.
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