Casual Aussie 215M Guild Looking for Solid Contributors

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Has your guild imploded?

Do you already have a full-time job and don't need another one?

Do you want to contribute to a strong, stable guild?

And do you want to join a reasonably casual group that doesn't take itself too seriously, but is still progressing steadily?

Then Haydigan's Hordes is the place for you.

We're sitting at 215M GP, and are looking for solid players to join us.

If you're active, progressing and able to contribute to raids, TB's and TW's, that's good enough for us.

Our raid times are in the evenings Australian Eastern Time, but we have many guild members from around the world and occasionally rotate times to give everyone a chance.

Our rules are simple:
* Stay active,
* Contribute to TB's and TW's,
* Have fun

This is us on -

My alliance code is 489-527-355 and discord is Haydigan#9340 if you are interested.

We currently have 2 spots available.
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