Missing finalizer shards

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Anyone else have this issue? I started at 50/65 this morning. I completed the bonus mission and then refreshed to get to 5 stars but after completing I’m still at 60/65. I contacting EA help. They recommended I post here which has to be the worst “help” I’ve ever received. I can post the chat log.


  • DarjeloSalas
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    Just checking: did you buy additional Finalizer shards at any point? Or refresh the event?

    I have completed the free run of the event every time and I started this morning on 50/65, now 60/65.

    If you have never refreshed the event or bought a pack, you were on 50/65 this morning.

    Edit: completely failed to spot you saying you refreshed the event today. Oops.
  • Saada
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    Lucky I didn't refresh then. Sorry to hear it
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