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So I have been playing two months up to 9.3m gp deployed for first tw with everything I have and I get booted from my guild without a reason. I was very open about current issue where I am in the hospital very weak but play all I can but literally died on Wednesday for6 minutes and probably another 2week hospital stay. How can anyone be so cold when I was finally able to participate by getting 7 stars characters?


  • Is it a guild that recruits in the forums or something you searched in the in-game system?
  • Damodamo
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    9.3m gp? I call kitten.. but sorry for your hospital stay, did your guild not have rules about non playing? If they weren’t aware you were in hospital, then they would have kicked you.. sorry, but that’s life.. plenty of other guilds out there
  • TVF
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    9.3m GP deployed, I think.
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  • Antario
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    Some guilds have rules like "inactive for more than x days, removed". Maybe they don't know about the actual circumstances. Don't take it personal.
  • Usually they put it in the description, something like "kicked after inactive for 1/2 weeks unless discussion with an officer happens". In other cases it's pretty much unspoken rule. Guilds that recruit here are usually more strict but they're the better ones.
  • Gifafi
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    think of it this way op, if you communicated the issue and they still bounced you, you learned they aren't a good guild and you are better off in another.
    Maybe End Game isn't for you
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