GL Kylo Event rng fails

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So yesterday I had 140 tickets saved on 2 accounts. Remodded for Kylo battle.
Won the first easy. 5 toons standing..
Lost the next 3.. and both my kylo’s have the ultimate..
Rng or their change to Rey or technique or ??
Anyway.. super **** about it.. considering taking a break and just going to starter guild or quitting/.. certainly not going to spend when the new EA model makes you loose progress, crystals, time etc because we are forced to re-farm more tickets.


  • I was trying to understand **** just happened in my run (previouslyno problems in the other 6 attempts). I had 700 stacks on my kylo. Suddenly, my kylo isn't doing any damage to Rey on any attacks or getting any health steal. The event special isnt working, nothing. Pretty frustrating to lose 70 tickets
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