Gearing nub question

Hi there. So I'm lvl 36 and no one I have is geared beyond mk 4. Is this totally wrong? If so, how much of a gear grind do I need to do? Thank you!


  • Loce
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    Not sure what lvl of gear I had at lvl 36, what I can say is that gear is as important as stars or lvls. Get as much as you can as fast as you can, and you can't go wrong!
  • cosmicturtle333
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    I'd say gear is probably more important than anything else. You should be constantly meeting the boundary of either a level cap or mission unlock so you have the maximum at all times. I didn't farm hard enough so the competition started to get harder, then I went all out and now I have 9 heroes at 6*. Eventually you meet the barrier again and then it's time to farm shards.

    Note: Only gear heroes you plan on keeping. Don't waste your resources.

    In my opinion order of importance

    Ability level
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  • Loce
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    I started to get and upgrade toons for challenges. I gear them up with the gear that's not usable by my higher lvl main characters. Lvl 40 is easy enough to train to, and a lvl 40 gear 5 toon is good for all the challenges (teamed with the couple of high lvl toons that qualify for them). Completing top tier challenges is mandatory to gear your mains. Which I agree with the last poster, should be priority number 1. Levels and stars will come in almost no matter what else you do.
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