What Mods should I put on these characters.

Hey Guys,
I am turning lvl 49 and I need some guidance for mods because i m not a beginner in swgoh but i am still really bad at mods, in my ancient account i only modded characters on speed and at level 72 i restarted and now the characters i think would be need guidance on how to mod would be IG-88, Cad Bane, Dooku, Fives, Ezra and Geo soldier.
Could I have some guidance please?


  • just for correcting. not speed on my anicient account but health and protection.
  • Kookermader
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    Whenever I'm unsure of how to mod a character, I go to www.swgoh.gg. Search any character, and then click "Player Data" on the left side of the screen. You can see which mods most people are using on that character. It's very helpful. I would also recommend setting up an account on swgoh.gg, but that's not necessary to view the mod data.

    Edit: added link ----> https://swgoh.gg/
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