Daka, todays MVP

Was fighting in the Arena and targeted Sidious first so my healers could you know heal...

What I missed was the fact he had a darth maul....

I manage to take out Sidious before his Chewie taunts and then his team (mostly Maul) kills my Cad Bane and Count Dooku. Chewie then finishes Daka but she procs revive her herself, her turn revives Cad bane and Dooku. I win with no one still dead.


  • Yeah I feel like a fool for not farming her from Cantina from day one. But I needed training materials so you know..
  • Loce
    194 posts Member
    Lol Daka for the win.

    Went up against a Daka team the other day that was lower lvl and power (can't remember the other members now tho which bothers me) and got handled in about a minute on auto. I have had my eye on her for a while now and just about a week ago I pulled a 4* Daka from a bronzium card. Looking forward to getting her trained and geared up.
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