How To Counter GL Rey Guide - DESTROY Galactic Legend Rey with JKR - 4 G12S IN OUR SQUAD!

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Welcome back everyone. Today were going to be looking at another way to absolutely destroy GL Rey with our mostly G12 Jedi Squad. Last time we used 3 G12s but that didnt feel enough so we bumped it up to 4 gear 12s with just a lone R7 GAS. Watch as we completely counter R7 GL Rey teams with 0 issues at all. This counter is so far extremely reliable and works against any composition i have encountered including Malaks. This in my opinion is the best counter for Galactic legend Rey and i look forward to helping you learn how to use it so you can retake top ranks in arena against this crazy new meta. Hope you all enjoy the video everyone and if so please consider dropping a like and sharing it with your friends!
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