Best shot beating Rey. Slkr thrawn hux video

Doesn’t even matter. Slkr ultimate vs Rey without. Never even got a chance to use it


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    You can tell seeing thrawn stunned on the opener threw every plan to the ****. Guess I need to just spend another grand on gl Rey to have a shot in GaC. Great idea CG!
  • Kisakee
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    I've beaten a R7 Rey /w Ultimate and R5 Hero Poe + Finn with full R7 DR, BSF and Malak. Granted that they hadn't very good mods but i still did it. Now you're showing us a video of losing against that composition with one of the strongest toons currently existing. What exactly is this meant for?
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  • Ultra
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    1:20 mark you had the opportunity to use ultimate but you chose not to
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