Ability 3 mats?

I have been having a shortage of ability 3 mats recently. Is it because the drop rate was nerf or that it requires more ability 3 mats at higher levels? My cantina doesn't seem to drop them anymore


  • Ability 3 mats are a pain to come buy,......use them wisely......, I'm finally running low on ability 2 mats...but have 40 ability 1 mats :D ..
  • Qeltar
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    The number requires increases as the level of abilities goes up. Do not automatically upgrade every character's abilities, some upgrades are much more important than others.. some are just +5% damage, others are significant like adding a new effect. Use SWGOHCantina.com as a guide.
    Even my frontliners rarely have all their abilities upgraded. I am currently sitting on around 50 tier 3 mats (and over 100 of the others). I upgrade slowly as I become more confident of who I want to use, and I keep reserves for new characters since they accumulate slowly.
    The best sources of ability mats are the ability mat challenge, GW and Cantina battles.
    Quit 7/14/16. Best of luck to all of you.
  • Thanks so much! SWGOHCantina is really useful. Yes I was silly enough to upgrade almost most of my skills immediately once I got the mats.
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