Bastilla Shan protection buff

Hi there! I've recently acquired Bastilla Shan, basically because she provides this awesome protection bonus. However, I lost it somehow, probably did something with the mods, I guess. Could anyone please tell me what exactly I need to do to get this buff back? Thanks in advance!


  • What do you mean you "lost it". It's a bit confusing. the only things I can come up with are:
    You took enough damage in battle to lose it ,thou that is normal so probably not your problem.
    You changed the mods to protection instead of health (since Protection Up is based on the amount of Max Health a character has), but then it would be less and not gone.
    Or, the most likely, you don't have her in the lead, since her Protection up is in her leader ability. So if you don't put her in the leader slot, that ability won't be active and she and her allies won't gain it.
    But that's all I can come up with. Hope it helps
  • Oh, there is a leader slot? I thought the leader is whoever has the highest leader ability.
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    First slot is always the leader slot. Be mindful that bastilas leader only works for Jedi when coming up with your team. Her protection buff is based on max health, so if you are running her for a lead, stack everyone with health mods to maximize the bonus protection.
  • Thanks, that solved my problem! Gee, I wish there were more tutorials for beginners. :smile:
  • Rhunne
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    St1llborn wrote: »
    Thanks, that solved my problem! Gee, I wish there were more tutorials for beginners. :smile:

    Check the new player section, there are a ton of resources there for new folks to better help them understand how things work in game. Swgoh has become a lot more complicated over the years, it can seem overwhelming at first.
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