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[Developer Insight - Kit Reveal]

Hi Holotable Heroes,

Today we have a ship famous for its role in taking out the Empire’s most heavily armored targets, the Rebel Y-wing! Prized for its durability and versatility, the Y-wing has gone through several iterations while serving as a valuable contributor to various fleets since its galactic debut. It is sure to bolster any Rebel fleet with its new debuff, Shield Disruption, which weakens enemies, making them more susceptible to attacks. The Rebel Y-wing also acts as a powerful crewless tank, giving its fleet more survivability while distracting enemy units.

The Basics:
  • The Rebel Y-wing is a crewless ship that uses ion weaponry to shutdown the enemy’s shields
  • Shields are thematically represented in Galaxy of Heroes by Protection
  • This bomber has a fairly straightforward kit and provides a great tank for Rebel fleets
  • The Rebel Y-wing can consistently gain Taunt by utilizing the Rebel fleet synergy of attacking out of turn
  • The Unique, Chempat Shield Generator, helps the Rebel Y-wing stay in the fight while taking hits for the team
  • This Unique also increases the survivability of the fleet as a whole by providing Rebel allies with additional Protection recovery whenever a Rebel ally critically hits
  • The Rebel Y-wing has a chance to provide cover fire for the Rebel fleet by assisting other Rebel allies when they attack out of turn

Unique Attributes:
  • New debuff: Shield Disruption - This will temporarily disable Protection from the target - effectively bringing the shields down
  • Shield Disruption is particularly effective against ships with large amounts of Protection and Protection recovery
  • This debuff is part of Special 1, Ion Torpedoes, which also brings an additional dispel to the Rebel fleet
  • This ability does not apply Buff Immunity so units that regain Taunt will be easier to target and to finish off

  • The Y-wing is a cult favorite that usually doesn’t get a large amount of screen time but there are some great scenes with this ship in the original trilogy and Rogue One (where it uses those Ion Torpedoes!)
  • We’ve also seen more detailed accounts of the Y-wing’s exploits around the galaxy in books and other media for many years so we’ve pulled from all these sources to make a unique kit
  • We haven’t had a chance to fully represent ion weaponry in the game and so we focused on that aspect to differentiate it from BTL-B Y-wing
  • The Malevolence’s ultimate is also an ion weapon (albeit a much more massive one) so we wanted to create a toned down version that we could potentially use on more ships in the future
  • You may be asking, wait was this ship in The Empire Strikes Back? Yes! It flies by the medical frigate at the end of the movie

Strategy Tips:
  • Use Shield Disruption on ships that you can continue attacking and remember that you will still be forced to attack other ships that has Taunt
  • This is a case where it is useful to use the dispel on a tank like Hound’s Tooth even if you have Breach on one of your ships because it will enable you to continue targeting that ship while it has no Protection and can’t gain any additional Protection
  • We recommend using the Rebel Y-wing in your initial line up, but it can be useful as a reinforcement if you want to save Shield Disruption for later in the battle
  • Shield Disruption has the potential to effectively boost your entire fleet’s overall damage particularly against fleets with high Protection recovery

Squad Suggestions:
  • This ship was designed to fit in a Home One fleet and provide the Rebel fleet with a faction-specific tank
  • One of the current competitive lineups we see for Rebel fleets is Han’s Millennium Falcon, Bistan’s U-wing and Biggs Darklighter’s X-wing, so you have to make the choice of which one to shift to reinforcements and replace with the Rebel Y-wing
  • Rebel Y-wing, Falcon and Biggs can make the starting fleet fairly difficult to defeat quickly while being able to deal substantial damage
  • You could also use the Ghost (in place of Bistan’s U-wing) if your fleet isn’t focused on using Target Lock to keep Biggs healthy; this brings additional synergy with the later Phantom II reinforcement

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