Wooo, sniped rank 1

Was able to snipe rank 1 from belligerentor, a level 59 player with a 5k power difference than me, a level 51 with only 14k to his name. Honestly just attacked to stall and hold my rank at 4, didn't actually think my team would win with a nasty 8 level difference and power.


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    That's awesome man congrats. It's an awesome feeling when you get number one at prize handout. I can't speak for everyone but my hands get shakey and my heart races when I go into a battle for 1st. Gives a good rush.
    Look, good against pvp is one thing, good against the living, that’s something else.
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    Man your telling me, not even 5 minutes later I lost it to another high level player, but it was already too late and i got the rewards.
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    There are only I few people that I can fight who are in first and win nowadays :( I miss being in first all the time 2 weeks ago
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