3v3 Struggles and Counters

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Since there are so many unusual teams that crop up during 3v3, I thought it would be good to have a thread devoted to teams you don't see much (either because they're outdated or just because leftovers are being thrown together in unusual ways).

I'll start with zMaul:
I've seen 3 different zMaul squads now in 3v3 GAC this time round.

The first time I handled it sub-optimally. The 2nd time I used:
Plo Koon (L), Admiral Holdo, Scavenger Rey.

Plo is g12+0. Holdo and Rey are each relic-1. Both times all toons had minimum gear levels of g12+4, although they only had 1 g13 toon (it was low relic) the first time and no g13 this time.

The long and short is that this team shreds zMaul like it was designed specifically to be a hard counter.

One I'm nervous about is Relic Palp (L), g12 Vader, g12 Dooku, full zetas. I'm going to kill a bunch of other squads and see what I might have that will work best without sacrificing counters needed for those other teams. But I might just use my Relic Nest, assuming her Tenacity is high enough.


  • Waqui
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    I usually take g12 zMaul teams with g12 Ackbar lead, g11-g12 Leia and g11 3P0.
  • MasterSeedy
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    Interesting. I admit I'm curious as to how that works, since my g11 leia and g12 Ackbar usually don't have much of a role to play in GAC offense. But since I don't have good roles for Holdo and Plo Koon either, this is working for me right now. (Scav Rey, of course, isn't a first-choice toon, but fits into any squad that needs more offense.)
  • I really like using old Ben(L) with ns spirit and wat. I've been placing it on the back wall. hasn't been one-shoted ever and has even stonewalled a couple times
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