This doesnt get easier, the more it happens...

I am extremely frustrated. 1:06 seconds into that ackbar fight, it freezes, i was doing a malak solo, that was going well until then. I was sitting at home, with good wifi, no other apps open on my phone, and it freezes, again. I was top 50 LB, had been doing great in gac so far, and the freezing ended up being enough for me to lose. Anyways, aagain, extremely upset, not the first time it's happened. Your LB's and gac are compeltely pointless and tainted whilst this stuff keeps happening... i'm so **** off



  • Kyno
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    Please report all bugs and issues to Answers HQ. This is the only way to help highlight the issue, in the hopes of getting it addressed. not sure on any details but they also mentioned some memory handling upgrades they are working on, so that might help.
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