Last slot for Endurance

In my starter line up I have HT, Rex, fives and finally got my endurance to 7* this month and on the bench I have plo, Anakin and ahoska. This is what's kept me in 1st place for a while now but I need to know what ship I should add to the final slot so I can focus my resources on them. Any ideas?


  • Rath_Tarr
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    Probably a dispeller - Cassian's U-Wing or Ebon Hawk - as you have tanking, offense & heals covered.
  • Sanderzas
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    you should use anakin in the starting instead of rex, and indeed cassian or ebon hawk is a good idea
  • I 2nd Sanderzas,
    Endurance does little to help offensive damage output. You need to bring more. ETA-2 is a great addition. Fives also. Iwould swap out rex for ETA2
  • Thank you all for the helpful responses! I will experiment with the cassians u wing since it's the one I have almost 7*. And I will put Anakin's eta in the Frontline to see how that goes
  • Rath_Tarr
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    Cassian's is there for its AoE buff dispel on reinforcement and then it's ability to call an ally to assist in sniping a weaker enemy ship. Its use for you will be situational e.g. clearing an enemy tank's taunt and then sniping a normally sneaky ship like the Falcon or Geo Spy.
  • The only problem is farming jyn erso. So far I have the security Droid at 7* Cassian is no problem. I will start gearing them soon
  • Rath_Tarr
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    You don't need 7-star Jyn, nor do you need to gear up K2SO or Cassian particularly. The ship is there solely to mass dispel on reinforce, clearing enemy taunts, and then use Guerilla Strike to call an ally to snipe at a squishy enemy attacker.
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