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Hi everybody.
I have seen that with the last update there was a change on how Ultimates abilities work, now it is supposed that it plays the animation scene only the firs time.
Normally I beat a Kylo in my arena using GAS in a full 501st squad, not without much effort. I don't think that is because of the GAS+Echo issue as that team is using Malak. But the last 3 times I experienced something strange:
  • Aggressive Stance comes now randomly, before it came twice or three times max during the battles. Maybe I can understand this strange feeling because now Ultimate plays only once the animation.
  • But the most strange thing is that even if Kylo doesn't have Aggressive Stance, now I can not hit him many times (even 4 hits in a row) and it doesn't show anything about dodge nor deflection. You can see if Kylo has Aggressive Stance seeing his position.
Am I missing anything about the new update? Does it seem like a bug?
Thanks in advance!


  • Akenno
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    Please provide us with a video. It seems to work fine for me.
  • Tezza23
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    I’ve experienced the opposite kylo being in ultimate stance and Rey wiped him out , not 100% of the time but defiantly has happened once or twice. Also when using his ultimate sometimes his head is like a hologram afterwards , so defiantly buggy
  • Fortunately, I haven't experienced the same situation since that day. Now I see clearly when Kylo goes into Aggressive Stance and I can hit him if he is not in that state. I should have record a video that day, because it happened 3 times in a row before I had no more battles left.
  • Tezza23
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  • Tezza23
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    Funny things 9d5pxkr7xuoq.png
  • Legend91
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    Tim Burton's "Sleepy Kylo"
    Legend#6873 | YouTube |
  • khdelboy
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    He ripped off his helmet too hard and end up beheading himself and raged on his opponents. Lol
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