The Republic-Rori 236M GP is looking for new members!

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That's no moon! Yes it is, it's rori! Riddled with dense swamps and forests, Rori doesn't seem a very hospitable place. But those who know Rori, know that isn't true. In fact, we're a very chill place to be. A tight knit family that always loves to welcome new members. We also put RL on the first place, so don't start to panic if you weren't able to get those daily tickets or can't participate in a TW or TB because you're on vacation and have no internet connection at your disposal. Just give us a message in advance and everything is taken care of.

We're also a member of the big Republic family. This means you'll get tons of resources and chill company on the countless of chats on the Republic server.

Raid Times: alternating (20:00 SGT; 21:00 CET; 21:00 EST)

Rancor: Sim

HSTR/HAAT: alternating (20:00 SGT; 21:00 CET; 21:00 EST)

DS Geo TB: 30 Stars, 41 Wat shards

LS Geo TB: 14 Stars, 4 KAM shards

TW record : Extremely high winning rate

We can offer:

- Competitive Environment in TW and TB

- Fun and helpful group of people

- Guidance on rosters and teams

- Encouraging leadership

We require:

- Focused roster around 4.2M GP: in possession of JKR, DR and DM and GAS, farming for a GL of choice

- Reliced toons: GAS, DM, JKR, GMY

- Be DS Geo TB ready with decent Seperatists (g12 Geos at least)

- Good ROTB roster is a plus

-TW and TB participation is mandatory

- 500 tickets daily

- profile

- Discord

If you're interested, please visit us on discord:

Ask for Rori and a recruitment officer will contact you ASAP
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