200+ mill 20-22 DS Geo Looking for 1 more

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HeraldsofGalactus is looking for 1 player to join the guild. We have active members, great leadership, and low turnover. Looking for 3.0m+ players who can immediately contribute to DS Geo TB, and are working on Geo TB rosters (DS and LS) with an eye on upcoming meta:
We have members from around the world, Family Friendly
Very Diverse
All Heroic raids (cycled times)
HPIT Simmed
HAAT about twice week, FFA (8 am, 12 pm, 6 pm pacific time)
HSTR at least twice a week, FFA (6 am and 4 pm pacific time)
TW about 60% victory rate
20-22 stars DS Geo and Wat shards
LS Hoth to prep our GAS and MALAKs. (We will be doing LS geos once GAS is available again)
Lots of strategy discussion between members on squad building, relics, mods, counters, etc
Avg Guild GP is 4 mill with highest being over 6 mill
ACTIVE daily players who are looking to progress with an already solid guild, must do your best to participate in all guild events such as TB and TW
3.0m or higher GP and up to date roster.
Exceptions may be made for lower GP with highly focused rosters and high activity/participation
no drama, its a game - we are active, competitive and we have fun.
must have ingame chat. Discord is optional
ask questions, help others, have fun
We're pretty laid back for an active guild and understand that life comes first. Really just do what you can and try to enjoy yourselves. Thanks for your time and we hope to hear from you
Feel free to contact me here, in game or discord
My Ally Code: 691-418-939
My Discord: BoonyBuns #9335
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