C3p0 escape - unable to get tile conquer points

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So this seems fair that i missing battle completion and tile completion points and therefore losing my battle as c3p0 escaped at the same time my last toon in the battle died (burn from r2). I had just killed r2.
Support are saying its my fault that i wont get into the final of GAC. That you dont always get the points for winning a battle - really!!!!
I cant win the battle as no-one to beat and cant therefore complete the last tile.
I am 124 points behind and missing at least 248 points (232+16).

Never happened before but support are saying there is defiantly nothing wrong with the code otherwise would happen to everyone. No compensation for me missing rewards - probably wont make kyber now due to this bug.

I have been cut off live chats twice now as they simply dont understand the issue and are offering to send me something to troubleshoot my device....

@CG_SBCrumb @CG_RyDiggs @CG_MindTricks @CG_CapGaSP @CG_JohnSalera - any of you help on this issue?


  • Damodamo
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    3po should still be there, if you go back in with another toon 3po will escape and give you the points. @Philan81
  • Philan81
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    Nope battle is blocked out

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    You will need to report this to Answers HQ.
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