2 New Technicians Needed! Join Matt and the Radar Techs - 250 mil GP 29* DS Geo TB / 16* LS Geo TB -

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Check us out: ​https://swgoh.gg/g/59254/matt-and-the-radar-techs/
Chat with us: ​https://discord.gg/3Ca2JZK

Do you simply love all things Star Wars and want to be part of a community that shares that passion? Want to be competitive, but have fun and learn while doing it? Then Matt and the Radar Techs is the place for you. We love playing together and have guides, experts, and a very active player base, which has contributed to our growing success over the last 3 years. We win roughly 80% of our TWs and anticipate earning 30 stars on DS Geo TB when we are at full roster. Recently we jumped from 12 to 16 stars in LS Geo TB and expect to continuously improve there as well.

About us:

● 250 mil GP guild
● 29/33 DS Geo TB (40+ Wat shards)
● 16/36 LS Geo TB (5-7 KAM shards)
● 80% TW win rate
● Guild reset: 02:30 GMT -7 / 7:30 PST


● Heroic Rancor: on sim after ticket reset
● HAAT: 21:00 GMT +1, 24-hour join period
● HSTR: We alternate between EU/US times - 19:00 GMT +1 / 8:00 PM PST on weekdays
and run at 18:00 GMT +1 on weekends
+ Extra Merc Raids!


We really are looking for active players who want to contribute to the growing success as well as reap those sweet, high-tier rewards. We understand life is the #1 priority, so let an officer know what’s going on so we can adjust strategies while you take care of business. Our detailed requirements are on our Discord, but below is a summary of what we’re looking for:

● GP: ~4 mil GP; exceptions based on rosters
● Daily tickets: 600
● Discord
● TB: We are looking for full participation - platoons, combats and deployments
● TB: Wat/KAM shard encouraged farming
● TW: Max participation (we typically have 50/50 join when full)

Some fun facts about us:

● One of the officers live streams GAC - great way to meet the community and have fun!
● Our TW officer does a celebratory write up after every TW victory
● We once had a member go on a date and get yelled at by his date for missing arena
(she played too).

We can talk in more detail about requirements if you are interested. In particular, we are looking for strong rosters that can help us in TW and TB, as well as working toward GLs.


● Logan Handsomepants (me): Recruitment (Logan Handsomepants#8374)
● IG-88: Co-Leader/Officer (IG-88#9871)
● Obi Guyster: Nightswatch - EU officer (Obi Guyster#1206)

We have many more officers on our team but these are the main ones.

Contact us:

Feel free to reach out to any of the officers. Obi Guyster will be available during European hours while IG-88 and I can be reached during US hours or join our discord:

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