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So recently i made quite the progress by getting bastila shan to 4stars and i have few more jedi to make them to 5 stars and unlock tier 5 of GMY event and obtaining him, but what after is my question ,meanwhile i managed to obtain Count Dooku and Pogle the Lesser meaning that i have 4 separatist characters but i also have rebel/pheonix too ,so my question is , after completing the GMY event should i focus more on the separatist to get Padme once i reach level 85 or the rebels so i can go for Palps and Thrawn . Because if i try to do both of them rebels faction and separatist faction would be too much energy to spend .


  • khdelboy
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    Do you have R2-D2? If yes, go for the separatists.

    If no, carry on with the Rebels for Thrawn/Emperor. You need the Emperor for R2-D2, whom you need for Commander Luke Skywalker.

    OR: Do what you prefer. Padme's a good character. My squad arena is full of relic padmes in 100-200. And Padme is one of the requirements for General Anakin Skywalker.
  • Kyno
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    If you build up and use the 2 rebel/Phoenix that are jedi for GMY, you maximize your investment and create a path forward for palp and thrawn.

    Much of the common padme team has other toons you may not have if you go after her next. Just a thought, not set in stone or anything.
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