Can we know when the update comes ?

Just curious. :)


  • I also would want to know this game can last a long time it just gets annoying when people rush everything and then come complain on the forums about how much this game sucks or just bash on.
  • Heroes of Dragon Age is still up and running with updates, I would say we have a even better chance at being taken care of by the developers since this is a new game and Star Wars has much bigger fan base than Dragon Age
  • Im not complaining im just lvl 52 i was intrigued by the hologram in the corner of the cantina and hope it will be awesome new mode incomming. ^^
  • Developers have a lot on there plate. Seems as if they're stretched in 10 different directions trying to do so many things at once. Hopefully they've projected to make enough to hire more help to ease the burden.
  • I'm sure when an update is in the works, we'll hear about it, until then, chill lol the game was officially launched only 3 weeks ago.
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