We would happily take you!

We are the Blackhole Bandits, a friendly Guild of 39 players with rosters of varying sizes and a total GP of 143 million. Giving us an average personal GP of 3.5 million.

We are all Heroic, and undertake Geo TB and LSTB.

We are mostly comprised of UK players, though we also have a few from Europe and a number from America. Our Raids all commence at 8 p.m. GMT/BST.

We use Discord, and have just a few rules:

1. No toxicity! We are a friendly bunch and don't appreciate people getting on each others cases.

2. We prefer you to join TW, and expect that if you do, that you do take part, even if that's just setting defence if work/life is getting in the way.

3. With regards to TB, we ask that at the very least you deploy. The difficulty is ridiculous, and we know it!

So to sum up, we are looking for 10 or so people (at present). So if you are interested please make contact.

And for the record, I too am old!!!

My Ally Codes is 914-734-613

Happy to hear from you. Any questions, feel free to enquire. Keep smiling, Windy...
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