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I played against someone today fighting my way up to 1st. I could not beat him while he was defending his spot, every time I'm about to take someone of his team out they stealth and heal back to full. I could not focus on one target, my damage was spread almost evenly to all his characters. I think his other characters were Talia, Fives, Leia and Daka. Someone else in the top 10 beat him for me. How would you guys counter this? After this encounter I'm definitely sharding a Teebo up!

Btw the Teebo leader skill was something like 45% chance to gain stealth at the beginning of a characters turn and 25% chance to gain turn meter at the end of turn.


  • Teebo is farmable so he can be leveled quickly, I like seeing new synergies...
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    I have seen a few teebo leaders out there. I've also seen people say he is useless. The only thing I know for sure, is that no one has figured it all out yet. Ive been thinking about picking up teebo myself seems like a tank would help him a lot, I guess that's where 5's comes in. Not sure I like him more than chewy tho, because the taunt would work well for teebo since he can't be healed while stelthed. If teebo stelths with low health chewy can taunt before he uncloaks and can be hit with a quick heal. Not sure, just spitballin here.
  • AOE kills even when stealthed and a well timed dispel can put an end to the dream of an ewok victory.

    So against certain teams you simply won't have a chance if you are going hard out for stealth.
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  • If you have Plo Koon then just put him in as leader and he effectively counters the stealth. That along with good AOE damage or a good counter-attack squad work pretty well.
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    Yup, AoE is the answer to that one.

    Edit: I unlocked Teebo to finish an achievement and get the Vader shards, might develop him later, especially if I end up getting Ewok Elder unlocked through energy gear farming (currently 14/25 shards). Be interesting to see what synergy you get, I expect they'll add more Ewoks later.
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  • I got mad respect for people that use geonosian soldier. Seen a 5* of him and he threw a curve ball. Had to rethink my strategy. All those dooku players got me use to the same old game plan :(.
  • Teebo rocks as a tank and leader. And to top it off he's a taunt killer.
  • Teebo with the right team is an immense leader for a defence squad for pvp
  • Teebo rocks as a tank and leader. And to top it off he's a taunt killer.
    bleeaauuh wrote: »
    Teebo with the right team is an immense leader for a defence squad for pvp

    I agree he would make a really good leader if you're trying to defend your spot in pvp.

  • Just unlocked Ewok Elder in a Chromium pack today, now have all three with Teebo at 2* and Ewok Scout at 3* (Ewok warrior still only an NPC).

    Might try them in Cantina or LS when I get them leveled up a bit but for now have different priorities.

    Anyone have suggestions for toons to use with the 3 Ewoks?
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    I was wanting to try both jawas with the three ewoks. It seems like a utter disaster but then maybe the five little guys might work well together. But I agree that's a back burner.
  • I'd think Leia and Lumi would work well. Maul or Fett might be good in place of Lumi (or Leia) for more offense.
  • I don't know how good the heal is on Ewok Elder, it's only 10% at level 1 ability but it does have dispel built in, but it's a special so if he's ability blocked himself, he can't dispel or heal.
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  • I think what my opponent had was a good setup where he had an off tank, a healer and 2 heavy hitting dps.
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