Which Ewoks to farm?

I am going to start farming Ewoks sometime soon so I can use C3PO with the Padme team I’m working on. Which Ewoks should I go for? I’m thinking Chirpa, wicket, Teebo, elder, and Paploo. Should I try to get Logray? How long would it take to 7* him just from guild store? What gear levels should I try for?


  • You should try to get Logray. He is better than Teebo for the event because of his mass daze capability. The team I ran was zChirpa (L) (G10), zWicket (G11), Logray (G9), Elder (G11), and Paploo (G10). You can get away with the lower gear levels with the right speed and health from mods
  • I did it with G12: zChirpa, zWicket, zLogray, Elder and Teebo. I tried many times with the Scout instead of Logray and after the 10th try, I gave up. I farmed Logray, got him to G12 (plus zeta) and I beat the last tier on my first try.
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